“I’m addicted to action movies, ‘No Regrets’ is the kind of movie I saw as a child and in which I always wanted to participate.” Michael B. Jordan

The next Friday, April 30 It is the date chosen by Amazon to release ‘No Regrets’, an ambitious action thriller that adapts a popular novel by Tom Clancy. In Espinof we had the opportunity to attend a press conference to present the film and below you will find the highlights that the film’s team commented.

In the presentation it was wanted to highlight that being able to see ‘Without Remorse’ at home is a gift for the public, with the actress Jodie Turner-Smith highlighting that “it’s a way of being together“for the possibility of seeing it almost all at the same time and sharing our experience on social networks.

The action

In addition, ‘Without Remorse’ is the first action film produced by the company of Michael B. Jordan, who, regarding the differences with respect to other projects in which he had also collaborated as a producer, wanted to emphasize that: “FIt was a great learning for me. I came out of the movie with more knowledge and experience on how to do those kinds of scenes and action movies. “.

Jordan’s involvement led him to shoot most of the films himself. action scenes in which his character participates and in this regard he commented the following:

It was fun, I’m an action junkie. This is the type of movie that I watched as a child and in which I always wanted to participate, I imagined being one day in them. That he had the opportunity to train and do most of the stunts … we ended up wrecked, but it was worth it.

On this same point, Turner-Smith pointed out that “The first thing I have to say is that I was pregnant at the time, something that added a lot of intensity that even I wasn’t expecting. I used to think that I was a strong and athletic person who could push her body to the limit, and with my previous experience in ‘The Last Ship’I thought I was fully prepared, but what was required of me physically in this movie is something that I had never experienced. It was intense, but Michael was very nice to lend me his coach from time to time.

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For his part, the director Stefano Sollima He also came to assess what his previous experience as a camera operator in war zones brought to the shooting of the action: “When you work in a war zone, you have a responsibility to report reality honestly and respectfully. Above all, you cannot muddy reality with your point of view, you do not want to judge your experience. That depends on the audience. That’s the spirit. In the film it is reflected in a similar way, I have to inform myself a lot about the war to show us and when I handle a character, I never want to judge him. I leave that to the public.

The underwater scenes and the villain

Remorseless scene

That does not mean, for it to be quite demanding in the physical contribution of its actors, something that Jordan specified when talking about the scenes that take place underwater, highlighting that he can hold his breath for a whole song – although he did not want to specify which one is referred to, he used a specific one- and also adding the following:

Your breathing is something that can be trained and exercised. Under water, we spend a lot of time training. We knew we had those scenes from an early stage of script development. Stefano would look at me and say “You know you’re going to have to do those scenes, right?” and I said “Sure, easy, no problem.” We hired someone with military experience, we spent time in the water tanks and they put me in stressful situations where we had to solve different problems in those situations.

Rolling Without Regrets

He was also present at the conference Brett Gelman, the actor who gives life to one of the villains of the role, about which he wanted to emphasize that he is different from other similar characters that he may have played throughout his career:

My character is very interesting to me, because it is a film in which everyone has a very clear code and is willing to die for it, no matter what it is. With other villains that I have played, his actions were motivated by despair or great loneliness, but that does not happen here, he has a deep belief system. He is a great villain not only because you experience his evil, but because it also makes you wonder who the real villain is.

In just a few days you will be able to check the result.

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