The World Ends With You: the opening drummer arrested, is the premiere at risk?

Apparently the anime adaptation of The World Ends With You did not start under a lucky star since 24 hours after the debut of episode 1 a scandal forced the production to a change of course at the last minute. But what exactly happened? Here are all the details on what happened.

The World Ends With You was due out tomorrow, April 9 exactly in Japan. However, the premiere appeared to be in jeopardy as staff made it known through a statement released via their official channels that they had been forced to change the opening song as the drummer of the group ALI, a band that had previously been entrusted with the task, he has been arrested. The old opening can be heard in a short excerpt in one of the trailers for the anime of The World Ends With You.

The exact reasons for the arrest have not been revealed, but there is a suspicion of the man’s involvement in a series of illegal activities. In any case, the news had raised the hypothesis of a postponement of episode 1 but, through a post published an hour ago, the staff made it known that the anime will be released regularly on April 9th albeit with some changes. In fact, we do not know if the team preferred to directly remove the sequence of the opening, waiting to replace it, or we simply decided to keep the sequences but with one of the original songs of the soundtrack.

So we just have to wait until tomorrow to find out. And you, instead, can’t wait to follow the anime of Square Enix? Let us know with a comment below.

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