The Witcher, an army of Elves pictured from season 2 set

While the production of The Witcher preparations continue in view of next August 17th, when the shooting of the second season can finally start again after the forced stop, here are some shots from the set the first few months of filming.

The images, as you can see at the bottom of the article, show different characters with Elves costumes and makeup. Unless surprises are the Scoia'tael, army of Elves who fight men who oppress their civilization.

As confirmed by Netflix earlier this year, the new episodes of The Witcher will indeed introduce Francesca Findabair, elf with great magical powers described as "the most beautiful woman in the world", who should join King Filandravel to lead the Scoia'tael. The character will be played by the new entry Mecia Simson.

According to Redanian Intelligence, Francesca and Filavandrel were spotted on the set of the series together with another elf known by the name of "Gary": it would be Francesca's brother, character created specifically for the Netflix show.

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The same site also recently revealed that the shooting scheduled for August should continue until February 2021, thus anticipating a possible debut of the new episodes for the second half of next year.

For other insights, we leave you to our assumptions and advances on The Witcher 2.


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