The Tick Season 3 Release Date: Will It Ever Return?

Superheroes are fascinating to watch because we like being amazed by their on-screen prowess and awe-inspiring abilities. Inquire about Season 3 of The Tick. Tick is one such superhero; he was originally introduced to us as a comic character but later became the focus of an Amazon Original Series. Fans are hungry for information on season 3, so let’s take a look at what we know thus far.

The Tick Season 3 Renewal Status

The Tick’s pilot season consisted of three episodes. The first episode premiered in August 2016, while the second half of the season (also known as “a half-season”) included five episodes premiered in August 2017. The first season’s final episodes debuted in February 2018. After the first season of The Tick aired, viewers were given some good news: Amazon had already ordered a second season of the show. On April 5, 2019, the second season debuted. Fans’ hopes were dashed when Amazon canceled the show and did not order Season 3 of The Tick after only six weeks.

Amazon did not specify low viewership as the reason for the show’s cancellation, but that seems likely. Most streaming services, including Amazon, don’t disclose their ratings to the public, but given the positive response The Tick received, it’s safe to assume that it has a large audience. The first season of the show was rated 90% by Rotten Tomatoes, while the second season was rated 100%. Every review I read praised the show’s likeability, authenticity, wit, and abundance of exciting moments.

Despite the show’s popularity, Amazon decided not to order a second season since the audience size wasn’t high enough. A show would be canceled if its ratings didn’t achieve a certain threshold. In comparison to the more serious Marvel and DC films, the show was praised for its lighter approach to the superhero genre.

The Tick Season 3 Release Date

On April 5, 2019, the second season of “The Tick” debuted. The news for the upcoming season is not good. Amazon made the decision to end production on the show on May 15th, 2019. Ben Edlund, creator of the Amazon series, made the announcement on Twitter. According to Edlund, “I’m sorry to hear Amazon decided not to go forward with [The Tick]. I have no qualms about stating that the entire cast, plot, and overall message of this program are fantastic. Fate has it that I and my people must now look for a new home for this series.

Due to falling ratings, it was speculated that Amazon might not return for a second season. Fans shouldn’t hold out for a miracle, but there is a chance that another network might pick up the TV series. If this happens, we will let you know when Season 3 of The Tick will be available.

The Tick Storyline

The Tick, a superhero who wears a blue tick costume and is nearly indestructible, has arrived in town to help fight crime and identify the shadowy individual behind it. He makes friends with Arthur, a shy and mild-mannered young guy who eventually becomes his assistant. They learn that a supervillain known as “The Terror” who has been presumed dead for a long time may still be active in the city’s criminal underground.

The Tick Cast and characters

  • Peter Serafinowicz as The Tick
  • Griffin Newman as Arthur Everest
  • Valorie Curry as Dot Everest
  • Brendan Hines as Superian
  • Yara Martinez as Miss Lint/Janet/Joan of Arc
  • Scott Speiser as Overkill/Straight Shooter/Esteban
  • Jackie Earle Haley as The Terror
  • Michael Cerveris as Ramses IV
  • Bryan Greenberg as Derek
  • Alan Tudyk as the voice of Dangerboat
  • Townsend Coleman as the voice of Midnight/Onward
  • Kyle Catlett as young Arthur Everest
  • Kahlil Ashanti as Goat
  • Devin Ratray as Tinfoil Kevin
  • Ryan Woodle as Clifford Richter/the Very Large Man
  • Joshua Schubart as Frank
  • Paul Moon as Khufu
  • John Pirkis as Dr. Karamazov
  • Richie Moriarty as Thomas Everest, Arthur and Dot’s father
  • Francois Chau as Walter/John Wu
  • Patricia Kalember as Joan Everest, Arthur and Dot’s mother
  • Juliet Pritner as Gen. Julie McGinnis
  • Dawn McGee as Hannity
  • John Hodgman as Dr. Agent Hobbes / The Duke
  • Marc Kudisch as Agent Tyrannosauras Rathbone
  • Clé Bennett as Sage
  • Adam Henry Garcia as Bronze Star
  • Julian Cihi as Edgelord
  • Steven Ogg as Flexon
  • Niko Nedyalkov as Lobstercules
  • Liz Vassey as the voice of Lobstercules
  • Jayne Houdyshell as Black Market Bob
  • Massimo Diem as Buddy Holly

The Tick Season 3 Plot

It’s the second season, and the heroes have defeated the villains. However, where there’s a superhero, there’s bound to be a supervillain, and now there’s an organization offering jobs to superheroes in locations where they are interested in working, but they don’t know the whole truth.

If Season 3 had been made, I believe they would have delved into Tick’s backstory. Sadly, Ben Edlund died before he could complete the series. The question now is whether or not we can expect to see the pair reunited again. Keep checking back for up-to-date information.

The Tick Season 3 Trailer

Let’s not ruin the moment by thinking about whether or not we’ll get to see the season three trailer again. Let’s go back to the times when we laughed out loud at comic book heroes and reread those stories. A preview for Season 2 is provided below.

The Tick Season 3 Renewal Possibility

When word of the show’s termination spread, fans immediately began holding out hope that its producers would be willing to find a new network. However, creator Ben Edlund revealed on Twitter that he had exhausted all options in his search for a new home for the show. Then, not long after, the contracts of all the performers involved ran out, thereby ending the show. After that, Edlund still kept fans hopeful that he would bring the show back. He insisted that he and Tick’s colleagues will continue to explore other options. But then the audience realized the show had ended. There are no plans to bring the show back at this moment, but perhaps in the future, the producers will be capable to find a new network to air it on.

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