The threat of a UFC star to the violent who ransacked his family store: "I will send them to the hospital"

Belal Muhammad, who kneed Geoff Neal, is one of the figures of the UFC (USA TODAY Sports)
Belal Muhammad, who kneed Geoff Neal, is one of the figures of the UFC (USA TODAY Sports)

The video The death of the African American citizen George Floyd at the hands of a white police shocked Minneapolis, then the United States and finally the whole world, in addition to provoking a strong popular reaction in the city, which led to looting, racial violence and riots. in various cities in North America.

This chaos has caused several citizens to also raise their voices, but in this case as a sign of help for the damage that their properties are suffering. Several shops were looted the last nights and while the government of Donald trump looking for a solution, the UFC fighter Belal Muhammad You have found yours.

The 31-year-old fighter from Chicago, He shared on his social networks an image of how the store that his father has been running for 15 years was. There you can see that a group of violent men broke the entrance, took everything there was and destroyed the place. His tweet received hundreds of responses and he thanked for the support and clarified that fortunately no one was hurt, but warned that this will not be the case.

"Seeing my parents' store, small businesses of families and friends being looted and destroyed is unpleasant, I promise if I see them looting I will send them to the hospital"he wrote enraged. He also shared an image of his cousins' trade that was also destroyed: "This is not a protest, this is theft."

This is how his parents' store was in Chicago
This is how his parents' store was in Chicago
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Muhammad's case is not the only one in which a UFC fighter has decided to do justice by his own hand. After seeing the panorama that his city was in, the heavyweight champion, Jon Jones, He took to the streets to confront young people who committed acts of vandalism. "Why the hell does a punk teenager destroy our city?"asked the professional wrestler. "I am also frustrated, but this is not the way, we are starting to make a bad situation worse," he said on his Instagram account, along with a video in which he was seen detaining one of the young people.

"If you really have love for your city, protect your shit. All the old bosses need to talk, call the young members of their family and tell them to come home tonight, "he said. Bones, who became one of the most fearsome fighters by starring in 26 victories throughout his career and only one defeat by disqualification after illegally hitting Matt Hamill with his elbows. In the recording you could see how intercepted a hooded young man from which he removed what appeared to be a bottle of spray paint.


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