The series ‘Euphoria’ looks for new actors for season 2

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  • Everything we know about the second season of ‘Euphoria’.
  • HBO has opened a casting to look for new actors who want to participate in the renewed part of fiction.

    The Season 2 of ‘Euphoria’ is on the way. It will be during this year 2020 when it opens and we can relive the dramas of Rue and Jules, interpreted by Zendaya and Hunter Schafer. But before this new part of the Serie, the platform HBO He wants to find new actors who wish to participate in the coming chapters. For it, has opened an online casting Where everyone can send their audition. If you are an actress or actor, here you have the opportunity of your life.

    Specifically, they are looking for the face of five people to give life to five characters new. We tell you a little more about them:

    • Darian: He is 17 years old, of any ethnicity. He is sensitive, vulnerable, somewhat rebellious … He is not the cool boy in high school, but he is very interesting. You may have addiction problems.
    • Ray: also 17 years old, of any ethnicity. He is attractive, humble, good hearted and has been through a lot. He is not very polite, but he speaks very well. It is not the joy of the garden, although it does not have a depressive behavior.
    • Ami: between 18 and 20 years, with drug addiction. She is a stripper, hates her boyfriend and is always saying bad words. He has a big mouth and can make a bad situation even worse.
    • Serena: More than 50 years and Caucasian. She is brazen and very strong. The kind of woman who has had a very partying life and now only seeks to make a living.
    • Lita: Woman of about 40, of any ethnicity. An adoptive mother with many bills to pay. He seems like an ordinary person, but he has no scruples in business.

      The only conditions necessary to participate in the casting are that you are of legal age, that you speak English fluently – yes, the original series is recorded in this language – and if you are in the United States, better than better! Although we know that you would leave everything for a role like this. The email to send your audition is [email protected] Go for it!

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