The Role of Instagram Stories in Growing Your Following

One feature that many users overlook when growing their Instagram following is Stories. The story feature doesn’t only keep your followers live updates, but it also has a crucial role in helping you get free Instagram followers, more effectively than you might think.

How? Well, the Instagram Stories feature has a couple of tricks that take your profile to your target audience. 

Keep reading to get familiar with Instagram stories and how they work in growing your following.

  1. Reach a Wider Audience With Stickers

Instagram stories have a couple of stickers that drive engagement and help users discover your page. These stickers connect you with your target audience based on their interests and search history. Posting something fun and intriguing using the right sticker on your story will allow people looking for useful information based on certain locations or hashtags to find your page.

Here are some of the stickers that come in handy when you need a visibility boost:

  • Location stickers

If you want users to follow you based on your location, the location sticker is a great way to start. People who need to find businesses, hotels, influencers, restaurants, or any other location-based interest will see your story when they search for that location. 

  • The Mention Sticker

Let other users know that you have tagged them in your Instagram story with the Mention Sticker. With this, you can connect with a new audience when the tagged user reposts your story.

  • The Hashtag Sticker

Hashtag stickers work just like location stickers. Users who search for content based on trending hashtags get to discover your story and follow your page if your content is helpful or interesting enough.

  • The Add Yours Sticker

You can start a trend or join one with the Add Yours sticker on Instagram stories. With this sticker, you can prompt people to post a photo or video on their story to create a trend, as many who see it can join in on the trend and connect with you.


  1. Boosts Engagement 

With Instagram stories polls and the question sticker, you can interact with your audience directly and learn what they want to see more of. But that’s not a single opportunity you get from utilizing Instagram stories. Unique and helpful stories can boost engagement and allow the algorithm to work in your favor as your followers respond to them.

The more engagement you get, the easier it is for the algorithm to push your content to users who are interested in your niche. If they like what they see, they follow to stay updated and see more.

  1. The Magic of Instagram Highlights

Stories last for 24 hours, but you can make them last longer by turning them into highlights. These highlights appear at the top of all your posts, right below your bio.

Nicely curated highlights give users who have just discovered your account an overview of who you are and what you’ve been up to. This way, they get to know you better and follow if they find something that piques their interest without having to scroll through the hundreds of posts on your page.


Instagram story is a valuable key to growing your following on the platform. They only last for 24 hours but can get you so many followers within that time frame. Use it to your best advantage if your goal is to gain more followers and prosper.

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