The Popularity of Betting on National Sports in the Best Bookmakers in India

Sport is an extremely popular activity in India. Millions of Indian people play, watch, and bet on various sports disciplines, including such national sports, as cricket, kabaddi, field hockey, and others. Best betting sites India offer their players a huge selection of sporting events and a wide range of bets.

Dominating Cricket at the best online sports betting sites

While sport is a popular pastime, cricket can be named an Indian obsession. If travel throughout India, you can find that cricket is being played everywhere. Moreover, many people plan their activities around the Indian Premier League. This is the reason why this sport has become one of the most popular activities in the whole world. 

Betting on cricket events is a way to get into this popular game for thousands of fans. This is why so many popular betting websites offer their visitors to make a bet on various cricket events. According to the estimations, around 75% of bets in India are placed on cricket. 

Kabaddi Enthusiasm 

When we speak about the most popular sports all over the world, we mention football, tennis, horse racing, cricket and others. At the same time, if we are discussing popular sports in India, we should include into this list kabaddi. It is an extremely popular Asian game that is played in India and other countries across the continent. 

Kabaddi betting is popular mainly within the region, but many experts agree that its popularity will grow in the next years significantly, especially if we speak about such important events, as the Pro Kabaddi League or World Cup.

Field Hockey Legacy 

Field hockey is another popular sport in India. This country has large land plots that can be used as playing fields. Together with the uncomplicated equipment that is needed for this game, it created a perfect background for the development of this game across India.  

The first official field hockey club was organized back in 1855 in India and today, field hockey is recognized as a popular choice for children and youth. The best online sports betting sites in India offer competitive odds on field hockey events among other options.

Regional Sports in the online betting sites in Indian rupees

Despite the popular sports we mentioned above, there are many other popular regional sports in India. In particular, we can mention such sports disciplines, as:

  • football,
  • badminton
  • tennis, 
  • kho-kho, and others.

Football is considered to be the second most popular sport in India after kabaddi both for watching and betting, and historically it has been among the top sports. When we talk about badminton, it has several leagues in India, do there are many options for bets for this game, including the Sudirman Cup, BWF Super Series, and others. Also, tennis is on the list of the top five most popular sports in India for betting. 

Conclusion: Popular sports and best betting sites in India 2023

As you can see, there are many popular sports in India for playing, watching, and betting. If you are searching for the best online sports betting site, you can find many options with various bet ranges and diverse bet options.

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