The particular entrance ritual and why Ginobili still can't be chosen: the secrets of the basketball Hall of Fame

Manu Ginobili and the Hall of Fame, a relationship that has an assured future
Manu Ginobili and the Hall of Fame, a relationship that has an assured future

It is a preferential place, destined for those who marked their sport and left a mark that can never be erased. Much changed the Hall of Fame since its creation in 1959. Today, updated with the attractions necessary to be a place equipped with the latest technology, the space located in Springfield, Massachusetts, is home to memories of the glories of the NBA and that of the great basketball players, coaches and personalities of all times.

Closed until next July 1 because of the coronavirus, the Hall of Fame Naismith Memorial It is much more than a simple museum with basketball jerseys, portraits and other historical items. Is the gateway to the glories of this sport. For that reason it is that their income is not easy and to be part of the select group of its members you have to raffle a ritual that became fixed over the years.

Any player wishing to be a candidate for the Hall of Fame will have to having lived four years outside of professional practice to reach the nickname of "eligible". For coaches and / or umpires, the requirement is even broader: they must have directed or umpired for at least 25 years in United States basketball. But, once that time has passed, what happens? There is an expert committee who are in charge of evaluating the case.

The Hall of Fame is the place where the names of the great personalities of American basketball rest (@hoophall)
The Hall of Fame is the place where the names of the great personalities of American basketball rest (@hoophall)

Players who went through the NBA are analyzed by the North American Committee. Composed of nine members, they are in charge of studying the annual proposals made to select future candidates. If of those nine members, at least seven offer their positive vote, the nomination advances to Honors Committee, who is in charge of sentencing the eligibility of the character in question.

Composed of 24 members distributed among members of the Hall of Fame, NBA franchise executives, journalists and experts in the discipline, of this select group should vote 18 by the Yes to give the green light to a former player, coach or other personality can join the glory of being one of the chosen ones.

As of last year, more than 175 names have been selected to be part of the pantheon of basketball gods in the United States. Since George Mikan, the first outstanding player in the NBA with the remembered Minneapolis Lakers, passing through transcendental figures such as Bill russell, Jerry west, Magic Johnson, Larry bird up to Michael Jordan, single there are three South Americans that they arrived at a space destined for a few.

A postcard from the United States Hall of Fame (@hoophall)
A postcard from the United States Hall of Fame (@hoophall)

Brazilians Oscar Schmidt, Ubiratan Pereira and Hortencia Marcari they are the basketball flag of these lands. Neither of the first two came to play in the most famous league in the world, but they marked a golden era. The first knew how to be a fierce shooter that led him to play in Europe and become the top scorer in World Cup history. Pereira, O Rei of basketball in Brazil, he was world champion with his national team and led him to a podium at the 1964 Tokyo Olympics. For his part, Marcari hung an Olympic medal with the national team, but he did not add to the revolution that he generated in women's basketball the appearance of the WNBA.

Unlike those born in the land of the carnival, there is an Argentine who landed in the NBA in 2002 and 16 years later, marked his last name forever in the history of the competition. Manu Ginobili He won far more than four championship rings with the San Antonio Spurs. Thanks to his competitive being, his magical left-handed and superior intelligence to play, the bahiense molded a new way of starring in sport taking another role. Without being a starter even though he should be, he accepted Gregg Popovich's request to become the team's sixth man. He was not in the starting quintet, but he was on the court at the decisive and hot moment of the game.

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This is how Manu earned the respect of contemporary players. And also of NBA historical records. This is how the eccentric sentenced him Dennis Rodman: "Ginobili is one of the two best foreigners in NBA history." Another benchmark in the league in the golden decade of the 80s and early 90s also marked the way of the future for the former number 5 of the Argentine team. "He is one of the best players to have played this game, he deserves the Hall of Fame," he said. Isiah Thomas, twice champion with the Detroit Pistons. To that order too Magic Johnson joined and so many other great stars of American sports.

Ginobili and Kobe Bryant, a rivalry that spanned nearly two decades in the NBA
Ginobili and Kobe Bryant, a rivalry that spanned nearly two decades in the NBA

Own Kobe Bryant He recognized at the time that Ginobili and San Antonio were a major obstacle to the Lakers not having won more than five titles during the period that led them. And for NBA flags today, as they are Lebron James and Stephen Curry, was a role model. Each and every one of them see Manu in the Hall of Fame.

Retired since mid-2018, many wonder why the man who wore the Spurs' 20 shirt is still not part of that select group of figures. The answer is simple. Ginobili's last season in San Antonio was 2017-2018, so it takes four years for the 2004 Olympic champion in Athens to be eligible for the expert committee. That is why Manu may be selected for the Hall of Fame from the end of the NBA 2022 season..

Waiting for what could be the incorporation of the first Argentine in the Olympus of basketball in the United States, the gala of this 2020 should have been postponed. Due to the health crisis in the North American country, the director of the Hall of Fame, Jerry Colangelo, announced that this year's class introduction ceremony will be delayed for the first months of 2021.

Without a doubt, the party that was going to have great players and coaches of recent times as protagonists was going to be very special, since Kobe Bryant was one of those chosen to join the Hall of Fame for a posthumous recognition, in the same year that he lost his life in the tragic plane crash in January.

The class to be inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2020 (@hoophall)
The class to be inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2020 (@hoophall)

Along with the legendary number 8 and 24 of the Los Angeles Lakers, two other NBA glories were also chosen: Kevin Garnett, champion with the Boston Celtics in 2008, and Tim Duncan, considered one of the best internal players in the history of the league, a five-time champion with the Spurs and a former teammate of Ginobili, complete the trio of greats. They will also be added Rudy Tomjanovich, the champion coach with the Houston Rockets in 1994 and 95, years in which Jordan moved away from basketball until he returned to dominate the game with his legendary Chicago Bulls.

At 42 years old and almost two years away from professionalism, it only remains to wait for time to pass so that an Argentine becomes the first to reach the glory of reaching the Hall of Fame of the largest power on the planet. Because everyone in the NBA world and in the United States knows that Ginobili will be one of those who will go through the ritual of being chosen to add his name to that of many other glories of this sport.


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