The Marked Heart Season 3: Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Everyone is wondering whether there will be a third season of The Marked Heart now that season two has ended. The Marked Heart’s status as a top Netflix series in recent memory is well known. Both viewers and reviewers throughout the globe took notice of the series, and its popularity was meteoric.

Now that the second season has premiered on Netflix and fans have begun streaming it online, the big issue is whether you are aware of the show’s current condition.

Fans were not surprised to see the show consistently rank high in viewership, critical acclaim, and other metrics. Speculation of a third season began as news of the second season’s completion spread.

In this article, we will go over every single element in Season 3 of The Marked Heart. Read this article in its entirety if you are interested in being well-informed about the third season of the show and want to know all the details.

The Marked Heart Season 3 Renewal Status

Netflix hasn’t renewed the thriller series; therefore, it is still unclear whether there will be a third season. The second season was just released, so this isn’t shocking. In most cases, Netflix does not decide on a show’s renewal or cancellation right after a new season releases. On the contrary, the streaming behemoth often announces new seasons about 30 days after they premiere.

Just nine days after the premiere of Season 1 of The Marked Heart (April 20, 2022), the streaming service renewed the program for a second season. Will this occur again? It’s conceivable, but we’re going to go with the hunch that the suspense series stops after season two. Why? Regardless, Season 2 concludes in what seems to be a concluding manner.

The Marked Heart Season 3 Release Date

Do you want to know when it will be officially released? Just because you aren’t on board with the third season of the drama series doesn’t mean it will not air. Netflix has been consistent with your series, and as is well known, most shows receive three or four seasons.

But the cops haven’t made a final decision on the show’s future just yet. Still, many held out hope for a third season because of a few key elements. The plot is one such element. Although the program has concluded, fans of the show know that there is enough material for the next season.

The series is scheduled for release in 2024 or 2025 if the sugar is used up by the end of the current year.

The Marked Heart Story

The criminal organization plans to harvest Simón’s suitable heart from his wife Valeria and implant it in another victim. Camila is the wife of a rich guy, and she has no idea where her new heart came from. In his quest for vengeance, Simón plunges headfirst into the perilous realm of organ trafficking.

Just like everyone else, Camila is becoming more and more curious and wants to know everything. At the same time, Simón continues to descend further into the chasm in his quest to identify and punish those accountable for his wife’s demise.

While on his travels, Simón develops feelings for Camila, who is granted immortality by the stolen heart of his wife, who was slain. As soon as they both learn the truth, the situation becomes even more precarious and convoluted.

The Marked Heart Cast

  • Michel Brown as Simón Duque
  • Ana Lucía Domínguez as Camila Duarte
  • Sebastián Martínez as Zacarías Cienfuegos
  • Margarita Muñoz as Valeria Duque
  • Moisés Arizmendi as Mariachi
  • Valeria Emiliani as Samantha Duque
  • Julián Cerati as Tomás
  • Juan Fernando Sánchez as Juan Carlos Sarmiento
  • Mauricio Cujar as Braulio Cárdenas
  • Jacqueline Arenal as Greta Volcán

The Marked Heart Season 2 Ending

The intricate story of Simón, Camila, and Zacarías was carried on in Season 2 of the Colombian action thriller series, The Marked Heart. Much more difficult and tragic circumstances befell the protagonists in it. Zacarías continued to pursue Simón and his family out of a desire for vengeance for Camila’s loss.

Sarmiento tortured Simón, Nicky, and Tomás to learn where Samantha was in the season two finale. Some of Sarmiento’s men were killed in a lengthy gunfight, but the police arrived just in time. Nicky was mortally wounded, but Sarmiento managed to flee the scene. It was eventually discovered that Nicky made it to the hospital unscathed.

Cop Camacho apprehended Sarmiento toward the conclusion of the series finale on charges of murder, abduction, and organ trafficking. The fact that Zacarías had informed the authorities of their actions and provided sufficient evidence to lead to Sarmiento’s arrest was revealed.

The Marked Heart Rating

Just a short time after Season 2 debuted, the program “The Marked Heart Season” achieved an outstanding IMDb rating of 6.5.


As is well known among the series’ audience, the marked heart is formally making a statement. We are curious as to whether or not the program will be renewed. No formal announcement has been made about the series yet. For the series to start functioning, there are sufficient opportunities. We will ensure that you are informed of any changes.

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