The Last of Us Part 2: Guide to the best weapon upgrades

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Continuing in the history of The Last of Us Part 2 you will have access to an increasing number of weapons that can be upgraded at one of the work tables located in some specific points of the map. Since the resources to invest in upgrades are limited, here are the most effective improvements.

Before leaving with the list of upgrades to be applied on the strongest weapons, we invite you to explore the map very carefully in search of any secret area and safe to open, so as to maximize the number of spare parts to be invested in the weapons.

Here are the four strongest weapons in the game:


This is perhaps Ellie's most useful weapon, as her arrows can not only be built by the player but can also be retrieved from the corpses with a little luck. Thanks to the bow you can take out the enemies with a well-placed blow and, for example, get rid of the dogs without the owners being able to guess your position. In the case of the bow, we suggest that you apply all the upgrades as soon as possible, so as to improve all aspects of the weapon and make it immediately more effective than it already is.


If the bow is fundamental for the stealth phases, when dealing with hordes of infected it is good to have a shotgun. This noisy firing mouth has great stopping power that allows you to keep clickers and stalkers at bay. To improve the weapon, you should improve its magazine capacity, speed of fire and stability, so as to make it lethal.

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The double-barreled shotgun is another weapon with great stopping power, which however sins due to the quantity of bullets in the magazine, whose capacity cannot be increased in any way. However, this does not make the weapon less interesting, since when the enemies are few and more resistant it is certainly more useful than the shotgun. If you want to improve this piece of equipment, you should improve its damage, reload speed and stability.

Hunting pistol

It is a lethal weapon even on long range and capable of knocking down even the most resistant enemies on the spot. If you want to increase the firepower of the hunting pistol we suggest you apply the following enhancements: stability, damage and 4x sight.

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