The last narc release date, cast, and plot

The Last Narc

Amazon prime is set up with a new and real-life documentary show which is called “The Last Narc.” This show is a boost for Narcos watching fans which premiered on Netflix. This show can be watched on Amazon Prime which depicts the journey of Camarena’s to his end. It’s a must-watch series for all the Narcos fans all over the world.

Release Date

The Last Narc will be aired on Amazon Prime on 15th May 2020. Of course, you will need an Amazon Prime subscription for it to watch. The total show will comprise four episodes which will release weekly as expected. The fans really cannot wait for it because the whole show comprises the story around the death of the DEA agent who was loved by the fans as he was an expert in exposing Narco traffickers.

What will be the cast?

The whole plot revolves around finding and contacting expert Hector Berrellez. His statement leads the initiative to find out what led to the frustration of Kiki Camarena. Some part of the show also covers the interview with his wife Geneva who is known as “Mika” and also three Guadalajara cartel informants.


Those who are Narcos fans must be familiar with the character Kiki Camarena. The whole story revolves around the torture and brutal murder of DEA agent, Kiki Camarena in 1985. The whole world got to see the chance of a life of Kiki Camarena and how he exploits the Narcotics business in Narcos, Mexico. It also focuses on some of the facts that are not discovered about the entire event and some of the interviews that are involved with the murder of Kiki Camarena. If season 1 of the show gains popularity then there is a strong possibility that “The Last Narc” season 2 will also be premiered.

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