The idea for the Tokyo Olympics: waifu cushions will arrive in stadiums

The Covid-19 pandemic that exploded in 2020 has led to considerable inconvenience and a complete change in the way of life. This also forced the postponement of national and international events such as Tokyo 2020 Olympics. These have been moved to summer 2021, so there are just a few months left for the event to begin.

Given the latest developments in the pandemic, however, Japan has been forced to announce that it will not be possible for foreigners to arrive in the Far Eastern archipelago. This also led to the formalization of a exclusively home audience for all Tokyo 2020 Olympics events. This will undoubtedly lead to a lot of empty stands as you cannot count on the international audience.

However, the management of the organization has opted for a way that takes a peculiar aspect of Japanese society and exploits it to fill the stands. We are talking about the waifu pillows, often used by otaku and which are quite an ostracized element. The cushions will therefore be part of the public to give color to the frame of sporting events, considering that they will certainly not be risque cushions.

Did you know that Akira predicted the postponement of the Tokyo Olympics?

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