The Burning Girls Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Upon the release of the first season of The Burning Girls on Netflix, everyone began thinking about when the second season would be available. This British series is a hybrid of fact and fiction, adapted from the titillating book of the same name by C. J. Tudor. It should be mentioned, too, that the book and TV series rely far more on fictitious narratives.

October 19, 2023, was the release date of The Burning Girls’ first season. Instantly popular, it gained a cult following among viewers. Due to the show’s disappointing plot, there is a significant demand for a second season of The Burning Girls.

The Burning Girls Season 2 Renewal Status

Season two of The Burning Girls will not be returning. There will only be one season of the program since it was originally planned as a limited series. You won’t need a sequel to Season 1 since it tells the whole tale.

There have been significant changes made to Tudor’s book in preparation for the adaptation. Those plot elements that don’t make it into the show typically aren’t compelling enough to warrant a second season.

Before renewing a program, Paramount often looks at several indicators, such as the initial viewership and the drop-off rate, similar to other networks and streaming services. Some programs, like Squid Game and Bridgerton, have rapid renewals or cancellations. Sometimes they decide on a show’s fate months later than expected.

The Burning Girls Season 2 Release Date

Since The Burning Girls was supposedly created as a miniseries, there is currently no set date for when Season 2 will be released.

The eponymous book by C.J. Tudor, published in 2021, was adapted for television by Hans Rosenfeldt and Camilla Ahlgren, who created The Burning Girls. Paramount Plus has said that the first season will cover the complete first novel.

The creators of The Burning Girls have already decided against creating an original story or having Tudor pen a sequel, so a second season is quite improbable.

The Burning Girls Story

Chapel Croft, Sussex, is the setting for a plethora of events in Season 1 of The Burning Girls. Two little girls were burned alive, among many others, in the inconspicuous hamlet in the 1500s.

The village’s hyperlocal beliefs and culture have been characterized by the specter of those girls ever since. Another pair of young girls, Merry and Joy, vanished about the same time, some thirty years ago. Their whereabouts remain unknown, and the investigation is ongoing.

Benjamin Grady, a youthful curate of the church, vanished without a trace as well. The Reverend Fletcher took his own life in the church three months ago today. The Reverend Jack Brooks, who comes from Nottingham with his adolescent daughter Florence, takes his position. Because it is a whole new world to them, the locals aren’t sure how to respond to their kind welcome.

Wrigley, a harmless neighborhood youngster who is often tormented, becomes Flo’s buddy. Jack is cautious of him because of his troubled history. After having a terrifying encounter with the girls’ ghosts, Jack is hell-bent on discovering the girls’ and Reverend Fletcher’s true fates.

The Burning Girls Cast

  • Samantha Morton as Reverend Jack Brooks
  • Ruby Stokes as Florence “Flo” Brooks
  • Conrad Khan as Lucas Wrigley
  • David Dawson as Aaron Marsh
  • Bethany Monk-Lane as younger Clara
  • Jane Lapotaire as Joan Hartman
  • John Macmillan as Mike Sudduth
  • Theron Mahoney as young Aaron
  • Paul Bradley as Reverend Brian Rushton
  • Janie Dee as Clara Rushton
  • Élodie Grace Orkin as Rosie Harper
  • Rupert Graves as Simon Harper
  • Beth Cordingly as Emma Harper
  • Erin Ainsworth as Poppy Harper
  • Jack Roth as Vagrant
  • Mollie Holder as Merry Lane
  • Safia Oakley-Green as Joy Harris
  • Charlie Hamblett as Benjamin Grady
  • Sienna-Mae Miller as Abigail

The Burning Girls Season 2 Plot

If “The Burning Girls” is greenlit for a second season, viewers may look forward to more mysterious plot points, mystical themes, and character growth.

There were a lot of mysteries in the first season. Chapel Croft and the mysterious gang known as “The Burning Girls” might become even further explored in season two. The supernatural aspects of the show, which fans find fascinating, will hopefully be explored more thoroughly.

Season two might go further into the show’s exploration of religion and belief. As they face the mysterious forces at work, the protagonists’ beliefs are challenged, and they undergo personal growth.

Where to watch The Burning Girls?

In some regions, viewers may watch the program online on Paramount+.


Since the original plan for “The Burning Girls” was for only one season, the network has decided against renewing the show for a second. Despite the success, the narrative is now considered finished, and there will be no sequel. Season one of the terrifying supernatural thriller is still available to fans, and it does a fantastic job of blending horror, mystery, and drama in the mysterious town of Chapel Croft.

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