The Boys, Queen Maeve becomes Wonder Woman in incredible BossLogic fan art

An amazing new BossLogic fan has transformed Queen Maeve di The Boys in Wonder Woman, thus making the queen in name and in fact of the Seven the protagonist of one of the most iconic scenes of the 2017 film with Gal Godot.

More specifically, the scene shows all the extraordinary power of Diana Prince who decides to take a stand and counterattack enemies during a Great War stalemate, despite her fellow soldiers telling her that cross the No Man’s Land is impossible. In response, Diana grabs her shield and runs straight across the barren field surrounded by trenches, deflecting a barrage of gunfire and inspiring soldiers to follow her and fight alongside her.

It is fitting of course that BossLogic envisioned McElligott as Wonder Woman, especially considering that Queen Maeve is intended as a true parody of the Amazon warrior. In fact, both Queen Maeve and Wonder Woman have backstories well rooted in mythology, even though Maeve is named after an Irish warrior. Additionally, both characters wear intricate metal armor, and wield a sword as their weapon of choice. Maeve also serves as the moral compass of the Seven, just like Wonder Woman who remains one of the most conscientious members of the Justice League. In short, the creation of BossLogic is not just a simple fan art, but it is also un reminder of the clear parallels between the two characters.

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The Boys somehow blends the DC and Marvel worlds, and as Kripke has already assured us, the third season of The Boys is going to be even more crazy.


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