The Boys, Karl Urban becomes Wolverine in a new Marvel-themed fan-art

From one group of problematic superheroes to another the step is short: if in The Boys however, we are used to seeing Karl Urban as the one who more than anyone else tries to keep Homelander and his associates under control, a new fan-art imagines him on the other side of the fence putting him in the shoes of one of the most famous characters of all time.

We are in the Marvel universe and the hero we speak of is Wolverine, on whose future cinematographic identity still reigns great uncertainty after Hugh Jackman’s abandonment to the role: a fan-art that is circulating on the web in these hours, therefore, offers us our Karl Urban as the successor of the colleague who for so many years interpreted the most famous of the X-Men.

Cigarette in the mouth, thick beard and claws in order: Urban actually seems to lack nothing to collect Jackman’s heavy legacy, especially after seeing him in the role of a gruff as good Billy Butcher, whose character does not differ too much from that of the famous mutant.

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What do you think? You would like to see Urban as the new Wolverine of the MCU? Tell us yours in the comments! On the DC front, however, someone has imagined a clash between Superman and Homelander; moreover, The Boys has recently been at the center of a controversy over the Asian cast.


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