The Benefit of Swimming

The Benefit of Swimming

Swimming is a form of exercise that has many benefits. It involves movements that are beneficial for the muscles, bones, joints, and cardiovascular system. Swimming is an excellent activity for people of all ages. It can be enjoyed by people of all ages as well as all levels of fitness.

Because it’s so accessible, swimming has been proven to have significant positive health effects on its participants. Benefits range from physical fitness, weight loss, and relief of arthritis symptoms, to psychological benefits like stress relief and mood improvement.

Swimming is considered to be one of the best forms of exercise that you can do because it provides more or less everything that you could ask for in any exercise routine – aerobic benefit (cardiovascular endurance), muscle toning, building strength and flexibility, weight loss, and very low chances of injury.

Swimming is definitely one of the top exercises for people with arthritis because it works almost all the moving parts of your body without putting any strain on joints, unlike some other sports which can put stress on them.

People suffering from arthritis should start off slow and then gradually increase their speed as control over pain increases. It’s also advised that these individuals swim in warm water rather than using cold pools to avoid any shocks to the system (maybe this will make the difference between more people wanting to live healthily).

Swimming benefits for skin include:

Acquire Supple Skin:    

Exercise is essential for people who want to have supple and beautiful skin, although there are many types of exercises swimming is one among them. It helps to stretch muscles without much effort when compared to running or other exercises. It makes the muscles flexible and at the same time, it helps to make the skin healthy and supple.

For all age groups:        

Swimming is not like other exercises which should be opted after a particular age limit. It can be performed by people of all youth and old man alike. There is no such requirement for any special age group, even children also can do swimming daily with little or no supervision. Swimming provides relaxation to the mind-body along with beautiful skin close to nature’s way whenever possible.

 Preventing ailments:       

Swimming provides both exercises as well as fun during the process, it helps to prevent many types of ailments that are very common these days, however, some type of medicine may not help in all cases even though they are expensive. Research has proved that swimming keeps the heart healthy, strengthens the muscles so that it becomes more flexible and in general helps to keep a person fit and fine for daily routine tasks.

Refreshing feeling:

Exercise along with fun is always refreshing; when you move your body in water it gives a natural feel and the person feels relaxed and fit.

Disadvantages of swimming:

1) First of all Skin Diseases: 

Swimming is not at all meant for people who are suffering from skin diseases. People who have skin disorders like psoriasis, eczema, skin ulcer,s, etc., should avoid swimming. Swimming in dirty water also increases the number of bacteria on the body; it is better to consult a doctor before swimming especially when you think that there might be any type of infection on the body that may get increased due to this activity.

2) Pollution:   

Pollution in the water while swimming is another drawback of this fun-filled activity, if the pool or lake or sea has numerous poisonous materials then definitely it will cause harmful effects on the human body. It may result in skin diseases, allergies, stomach upset, or even severe damage to the internal system.

3) First Aid:

Swimming may be considered as a type of exercise but it is not at all meant for people who are suffering from heart stroke problem, so if you suffer from this sort of disease then swimming could lead you into another trouble because in this situation immediate first aid is required which will only be available if you are nearby hospital. Therefore it’s better to avoid swimming in such cases where you are not sure about any kind of medical assistance.

4) Hypothermia:

If the person remains underwater for more time than the normal routine then there are possibilities that he/she may contract hypothermia which means abnormal loss of heat from the body. It is a very dangerous condition during swimming because it can lead to other problems so it’s better to avoid swimming in rough seas or ocean if you are not a professional swimmer and you don’t know how to swim in an effective way.

5) Drowning:

There is also the possibility of drowning when you go swimming, especially in deep water there is a chance that you will lose your consciousness and may not be able to come out of the water, even if someone tries to rescue you he/she may get suffocated under the water.

6) Swimming During Pregnancy:

Some pregnant women feel confident enough while they are into swimming; it looks like they want to continue this fun-filled activity, but in the fact, it is not good for them. Swimming in deep water can cause a lot of problems during the pregnancy period because there are numerous changes going on inside the body and these changes sometimes create a disturbance when a pregnant lady swims.

Benefits of swimming every day:

1) It keeps the mind alert and active:

Swimming with enjoyment helps to keep the mind refreshed with ideas, new thoughts, etc., it sharpens your mind naturally because it is an activity that requires a lot of attention.

2) Keeping Active:             

When you are doing swimming along with fun, your body remains flexible due to these activities; there are numerous opportunities for exercises during the process which are useful in keeping yourself active even after coming out of water. This sort of fun-filled activity not only increases physical fitness but also mental health is at its best whenever someone does swimming or any other exercise for that matter.

3) Burning Calories:

Swimming can help one to burn excessive calories, and this is the major benefit of swimming, it not only helps in shedding extra pounds but also helps to keep your body energetic and active.

The benefits of swimming in cold water:

Swimming in cold water has more benefits than swimming in warm water because it is natural that the body will get cooled down when you swim in cold water; it is one of the best exercises for people who suffer from blood pressure problems.

1) Blood Pressure:

Swimming helps you to keep your body cool, but at the same time, it helps the heart to pump blood effectively which helps to remove stress and tension of various kinds throughout your body; thus this type of fun-filled activity is good for health not only physically but also mentally.

2) Aids Digestive System:

If anyone suffers from digestive problems like acidity or sour stomach then swimming on regular basis will be helpful in controlling these problems because it will keep you active throughout the day, and your stomach gets enough time to digest food that you take along with regular water consumption.

3) Keeps You Healthy:

Swimming regularly can help in keeping your body healthy not only on a physical basis but also mentally; there are several types of exercises for mental relaxation, however, swimming is one of them which gives you comfort.

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