The Batman: all the clues that lead to the Court of Owls

The enthusiasm around the first teaser trailer of The Batman has not yet waned, and the footage continues to come in interesting details that escaped a first (but also second, fourth, sixth) viewing. Nothing about the Dark Knight by Robert Pattinson, however, because to intrigue the fans are above all some clues relating to the possible and eventual presence of the Court of Owls in the cinematic reboot. Yes, the same Court that will also be a great antagonist of the next and awaited Gotham Knights, a new video game dedicated to the world of Batman developed by WB Games Montreal and coming to consoles next year.

We have already spent many words on the history of this mysterious criminal organization in a special dedicated to the various iterations and to the comic evolution of the Court, so today we are interested in this cross-over transposition game that could materialize next year between video game and cinema, without any tie-in ambitions for the first (and the same goes for il Suicide Squad di Rocksteady compared with the film by James Gunn). The most interesting and most forgotten thing, however, is the fact that this Gothamian criminal society had already been rumored in The Batman at the beginning of filming, a rumor-theory from which we will start for our brief analysis.

A 270 ° look

The title of the paragraph plays with the ability of owls, owls and the like to rotate their heads by 270 °, an incomplete angle in which we also identify this small examination, unfortunately lacking several confirmatory or official elements. Not total, in short, but still inclusive of the many information leaked so far. You will certainly remember the first images from the set of The Batman, those that did not show Pattinson but his stunt double, the same ones that then allowed us to initially take a more exhaustive look at the protagonist’s costume.

On that occasion, many fans had noticed a detail that was superfluous but interesting at first sight on the Dark Knight’s forearms. These are very elaborate covers that significantly break the total black cut of the suit. We also saw them in the trailer: they look like hockey covers with some oriental stylistic sensibility, like a samurai. For many fans, however, these forearm protectors would be a first indication of the presence of the Court of Owls in the film, shamelessly recalling those worn by Talon, one of the so-called Claws (trained assassins) of the criminal society, whose most important iteration is that of William Cobb.

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The second clue relating to the association is then directly internal to one first description of the synopsis of The Batman. Basically, part of the plot should rotate on the unmasking of a tried and tested system corruption and violence that has gripped Gotham City for years, a metropolis of which Pattinson’s Dark Knight became protector only for a few years. And here there should already be a further reference to the Court, but that’s when it is said that “Batman’s mission will lead him to discover a connection with his past“to intrigue more, given that in the comics (in the New 52 Universe) it was the Owls responsible for Alan Wayne’s death, Bruce’s grandfather.

Finally we come to the most indicative and moreover official element – being in the trailer – that most convinced the fans of some kind of involvement of the Court within the narrative fabric of the reboot, certainly reworked to fit Reeves’ vision and perhaps the development of an entire trilogy in the New Earth Universe he curated. We’re talking about Paul Dano’s Riddler and his note left in Batman after the murder at the opening of the movie.

Just the look of the new Ed Nygma resembles that of an owl, with white glasses to imitate the animal’s eyes, and in addition, under a kind of green plastic mask, he also wears a lot or a very worked balaclava that from the right angle very reminiscent of the head of the raptor.

But it is the note with the riddle that arouses the greatest suspicion, because in addition to the presence in plain sight of Owl, at the bottom you can also read the writing “whooo?”, both as a challenge to Batman to unmask his true identity but also as a play on words with the typical sound of the animal.
They could obviously all be extraordinary coincidences, but if the clues do nothing but add up and no denials of any kind arrive, speculations continue to spread more and more convinced, rearranging themselves in more or less consolidated theories.


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