The Attack of the Giants: what chapter does the end of the anime correspond to? Here’s where to read

After months of broadcasting, the first part of The Attack of the Giants has ended 4. The story has stopped at a point where it is difficult to wait, considering everything there is at stake, and even if Studio MAPPA has already confirmed the second part of the anime these will not arrive for almost a year.

For some fans, it will therefore be hard to wait until next winter, especially considering that the manga of The Attack of the Giants is about to end and that we are at stake with the final events. Where to start reading the manga to continue the story ended with The Attack of the Giants 4 part 1?

The chapter of The Attack of the Giants adapted in the last episode is, at least technically, it is the 116 with which it shares the same title. There are actually some small but still sensational and important events that have been temporarily kept out of the anime. For this our advice is to begin reading The Attack of the Giants from chapter 114.

This is contained in volume 28, already available in Italy with Panini Comics, as well as subsequent numbers up to 32. Chapters are also available on Crunchyroll in English, although there is a need to have a premium account to read them. Meanwhile, the final chapter of The Attack of the Giants is ready for publication at home.

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