The Attack of the Giants to conquer Oita: an exhibition dedicated to the anime arrives

The attack of the Giants it is one of the most important manga and anime in recent years. The creation of this series must be given to Hajime Isayama, mangaka born 34 years ago in the prefecture of Oita, on the island of Kyushu. Ever since the author became famous, his hometown has never been the same again.

A few months ago we told you about the Attack of the Giants themed statues that would arrive in the prefecture, under the Oyama dam. But the celebrations for the celebrity of the work of their countryman does not stop since one will be inaugurated new exhibition in Hita dedicated to The Attack of the Giants.

Until 30 June 2020 there will be an exhibition that will showcase some elements from the manga and the anime. One was suspended in front of Hita station 2 meter high giant lantern depicting the face of the Armored Giant and who will welcome those who arrive in the city. The other attractions included are:

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  • A 3 by 2 meter giant panel with some artwork taken from The Attack of the Giants where you can see Eren, Mikasa, Armin, the female giant, the colossal giant and the armored giant;
  • Of the banners placed around the station lamps and towards the neighboring streets with the symbol of the Exploratory Legion;
  • A modification to some windows of the Takaraya branch from which the face of the Colossal Giant will emerge.

The city will be continuously modified until September, when the three life-size statues of Eren, Mikasa and Armin. For those who cannot go to Japan, you can console yourself with the release of The Attack of the Giants 130.


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