New trailer for Bleach: the story of Ichigo Kurosaki begins in the Dynit video

While in Japan the debut of the anime of Bleach on the Millennial War is expected, in the past months Dynit gave good news to Italian fans of the transposition. After years of unheard requests, the first Bleach anime dubbed in Italian is about to debut.

A treatment that had not yet been given to the product that sprung from the mind of Tite Kubo. With the first and short Bleach teaser published by Dynit over the last few weeks we had discovered the voice actors of the main characters and the release date of the seasons on Amazon Prime Video.

The new trailer of Bleach dubbed in Italian delves deeper into the initial plot of the work, focusing on the events of the first episode. Ichigo Kurosaki, voiced by Federico Viola, is an orange-haired boy who has the particularity of being able to see spirits. A power that does it will lead to interact with the goddess of death Rukia Kuchiki, voiced by Martina Tamburello, with all this that will trigger a chain of unexpected events.

Below you can find the link to the Dynit Facebook page where the Bleach trailer is present. In the last seconds the voice of Stefano Ferrara, voice actor of the nice Kon, can also be heard. The anime will be available with the first season from April 26 on Amazon Prime Video.

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