The Attack of the Giants: the moving letter from the magazine after the finale

After 11 years of serialization that have brought Hajime Isayama to the top of manga culture, The attack of the Giants finally reached its conclusion with chapter 139. Predictably, however, the fans were divided in two between those who liked the ending and those who, however, are not entirely satisfied.

One of the biggest issues was the leak of news that, already several hours before the release of the chapter, had flooded the network of spoilers on the finale of The Attack of the Giants. Furthermore, criticism of news management has come with a conclusion with some outstanding questions they have forced the manga editor to block comments on their posts.

However, the editorial department of Bessatus Shonen Magazine, the magazine that accompanied Isayama’s masterpiece all this time, added a touching message at the end of the following chapter:

This world that did not exist until 2009 has been transposed into texts and images that have given it meaning, transformed it into a story, printed in the first issue of Bessatus Shonen Magazine and serialized for 11 years and 7 months by Hajime Isayama. But that’s not to say that it’s been 11 years and 7 months of good news alone, as the series has dealt with troubles, moments of sadness and even goodbyes. But even so, we are convinced that nothing is more valuable than people’s ability to share in emotions what cannot be written down through history. It makes us happy to be able, together with readers and colleagues, to perceive those feelings during The Attack of the Giants. However, this series has finally reached its end and these memories will remain to warm our hearts. Thanks for reading. Our battle has only just begun. “

A message of gratitude also for a work that helped make the magazine popular in Japan and throughout the world. And you, instead, what do you think of these words? Let us know with a comment below.

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