The 19 best classic movies for the days where we need the magic of cinema

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Little times have we had to live! Lifetime complaining that we don't have free time to enjoy a good movie Good book, and now the Covid-19 has everyone in forced confinement.

Meanwhile, there are over a hundred thousand activities to do online, from series marathons to free movies, through recorded theater, yoga classes, music festivals and even storytelling for the little ones.

However, we believe that the time has come to catch up on those classics that we have pending or that we have always wanted to review and that, for some reasons or others, we never found that moment to sit and watch them.

So here we leave you a list with some proposals. The time has come to say yes you have seen ‘The indiscreet window’ from Alfred Hitchcock, you know who he is John Hughes and you'll get people to stop looking at you funny when you tell them you haven't seen 'Dirty Dancing'. All these films are available on online platforms so you have no excuse.

‘La Ventana Indiscreta’ by Alfred Hitchcock

Rear Window 1

I think it is more than evident why I have chosen this title among all the masterpieces of Alfred Hitchcock. And it is perhaps the one that most represents all of us right now, looking for entertainment in the windows of our neighbors. Although I hope the same thing that happened to Jeff did not happen to you (James Stewart), who forced to stay at home begins to suspect that one of his neighbors has committed a crime.

‘The indiscreet window’ (1954), is one of the key works of the filmography of Alfred Hitchcock, thanks to the mastery with which the director reveals the information and ** handles tension and suspense **. The interpretations of Stewart, Grace Kelly and Thelma RitterThey are historical. After this, I propose to continue with ANY other title of the master of suspense. At Filmin, they have a great cycle of their movies.

‘What Happened Between Your Father and My Mother?’ By Billy Wilder

Avanti 05

I didn't want to choose one of the typical movies that everyone chooses when talking about Billy Wilder, so I opted for ‘What happened between your father and my mother?’ (1972), which is less popular and also one of my favorites. On the tape, Jack lemmon He plays a snobbish businessman who travels to an Italian island to repatriate the body of his father, who died on vacation. There you will discover that he had a lover for decades and will have to deal with her romantic daughter in the repatriation process.

‘Avanti!’ -the original title of the film, very accurate because of the number of times it is said in the film-, is a delicious and light romantic comedy, full of charming characters, dreamlike landscapes and biting and hilarious dialogues so common in Wilder's cinema. And yes, it is in Filmin Along with other great directorial titles, which I also highly recommend.

Charles Chaplin's 'City Lights'

City Lights City Lights 5

It is more than obvious that I have been in love with Charles Chaplin since I can remember, so it is almost impossible for me to decide on just one of his films. But it is true that ‘City lights’ (1931), be one of the ones I like the most along with 'The boy'. Chaplin he resisted to the sound cinema and he had difficulty telling this story in which his famous homeless man fell head over heels in love with a street florist, but this one mistakes him for a millionaire.

While everyone urged him to use dialogues to explain how the florist mistook him for a rich man, he opted for a simple gesture. The result is spectacular, almost as much as its end, which is one of the most beautiful in the history of cinema. It's also on Filmin, along with a good handful of films by the great artist, ideal for a marathon with children, especially of short films.

Blake Edwards 'Breakfast with Diamonds'

Breakfast with diamonds

We continue with the classics of all life, although this time something more typical, but it is that I found the other night seeing it for 800 times and I was quite happy with life. In 1961, Blake Edwards lightly adapted and subtracting a bit of sordidness the famous novel by Truman Capote, 'Breakfast with diamonds'. A film at the service of the wonderful Audrey Hepburn, which interprets the complex Holly Golightly in a light and dark way, adapted to the character.

In the film, she is a seemingly happy and happy young woman who subsists on dating rich men, but who hides a complex past. The arrival of a new writer neighbor who is supported by a rich married woman, will change their way of understanding life. It is one of the few classic movies that we can find on Netflix, but it is well worth seeing – or seeing it again – for its charm and because it has some of the most mythical scenes in the history of cinema: the party in the small apartment, 'Moon River' or the search for Cat in the rain. Take advantage!

'El verdugo' by Luis García Berlanga

The executioner

Don't worry, we don't forget the classics of Spanish cinema. And you may not have seen any because access to them is more complex. Fortunately, the platform FlixOlé, dedicated solely to Spanish cinema, we can find several, including one of Luis García Berlanga's masterpieces, the hilarious 'El Verdugo' (1963).

Listed as one of the best comedies in our cinema, 'The executioner' Y his particular and superb black humor, introduces us to an old executioner about to retire -wonderful Pepe Isbert– who has just been granted a flat where he can live with his daughter, only that living in it has the executioner's work conditioned. Fun, crazy and critical and difficult to count. You have to see it with your own eyes.

John Hughes' 'club of five'

The Breakfast Club

Let's jump several decades, until 1985. In the United States, high school comedies were becoming fashionable and after the great success of 'Sixteen Candles' (1984), with which Molly Ringwald she would rise to fame and become the fashionable girl, she shot 'The club of five', which has since become a cult film and that it was much more than a high school comedy.

We can see it in Filmin, next to 'Sixteen candles' and we will know what happens when 5 high school students are punished for spending all Saturday locked up in their high school. The film is a generational milestone that changed the course of youth comedy and a song of empathy, individuality and the energy of youth. A marvel. And that turned the song 'Don't You Forget About Me' into a hymn.

Bob Fosse's 'All That Jazz'

All That Jazz

With that HBO last spring premiered a series recounting the stormy life of director Bob Fosse and his wife the actress and dancer Gwen Verdon, the platform gave us the great work of the great choreographer, his film in the form of an autobiography,'All That Jazz'(1979), in which he represented his last years of life and his addiction to all kinds of substances and work.

In the movie, Bob Fosse opens in channel and is honest and self-critical, unafraid of being watched by the viewer for their actions. And dares to visualize your future -Its ending was too much like a fictional one-, truncated because of the excesses committed for decades: alcohol and all kinds of substances, sex and work addiction due to its ambition and exaggerated perfectionism. What has been said, you have it on HBO and it is a true marvel with some of the most mythical musical numbers of modern musical, because No one was, is nor will be, more modern and innovative than Bob Fosse.

'Paris, Texas' by Wim Wenders

Paris texas

I discovered VERY late in my cinephilia the great work of Wim Wenders, but luckily, my first time in front of this beautiful film was in a replacement in a cinema. 'Paris, Texas' from Wim wenders (1989) is the most devastating story of the broken heart that I have ever seen, and still, it is a warm hug in our hearts when we see it.

Starring the incredible Harry Dean Stanton and Nastassja Kinski, who have made their works iconic in the history of cinema, the film of captivating photography and visual composition, tells the story of a man who, after years disappeared and without memory, begins to remember what his life was years ago, before to abandon his wife and son. Beautiful and you have the opportunity to see it – or return to it – on Amazon Prime. I plan to do it.

'Cléo de 5 a 7' by Agnès Varda

Cleo From 5 to 7

Writing this article, I could not miss a title of my beloved Agnès Varda, and even more now, that we are a few days away from the anniversary of her death. This time I recommend 'Cléo from 5 to 7' (1962), one of the key films to understand the Nouvelle Vague, since Varda was the only director -along with Marguerite Duras, who would direct the French film movement in the late 1960s.

Shot almost in real time, the film follows Cléo, a famous and beautiful singer who awaits the medical results of a possible cancer. Existentialist, beautiful and contemplative, Cléo strolls through his neighborhood, the 14th arrondissement of Paris – the neighborhood where Varda would live all his life -, during those two distressing hours of waiting, while questions about the meaning of life. But, not everything is distressing in the film, there is always a small glimmer of hope to the rhythm of the music of the fantastic Michel Legran. You have this wonder in Filmin.

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Jacques Demy's 'The Umbrellas of Cherbourgo'

Les Parapluies

And if we talk about the Varda, we have to talk about another indispensable of the Nouvelle Vague, beyond the always studied Truffaut or Godard: Jacques Demy, and husband of Varda until his death in 1990. Always colorful and bright, and lover of musicals, Jacques Demy always spoke in his movies about fate, Y 'The Umbrellas of Cherbourgo' (1964) may be his most praised and beautiful film – and yes, the main reference to Damien Chazelle's 'La La Land'.

With music from Michel Legrand, the Demy movie is all sung and tells the truncated love story of Geneviève and Guy because of the military service that he must fulfill and her mother's refusal to marry a simple mechanic. Guy's absence will be the perfect excuse for him to get his daughter to marry a rich jeweler. Painful, nostalgic and with beautiful music and staging. Also on Filmin, of course.

'The spirit of the hive' by Víctor Erice


We return to Spanish cinema to recommend one of the most important titles in Spanish cinema, 'The spirit of the hive' by Victor Erice. Filmed in 1973 and starring a Ana Torrent 7 years old in her first film, this pioneering fable perfectly portrays post-war Spain through the eyes of a girl.

As soon as the Civil War ended, Ana and her sister were shocked after having seen 'Frankestein' in the town cinema. Ana, the little girl has been impressed with the existence of the monster, while her sister Mayo, to scare her, tells her that the monster is hiding in town. Y you can already imagine who is the supposed monster and who really is. And if not, you can see and enjoy it in Flixolé.

François Truffaut's '400 blows'

The 400 Hits

And we have no choice but to return to the Nouvelle Vague, this time with another of my favorite titles of the cinematographic movement and perhaps the most mythical, 'The 400 hits' (1959) by François Truffaut. The most fascinating thing about the film is that it's about Truffaut's debut and it's semi-biographical, where Truffaut captured his hard childhood that ended in a correctional facility in a poetic way and in the child's body Jean-Pierre Léaud.

'The 400 hits' was the start of Truffaut's career and the birth of Antoine Doinel, in which, still without knowing it, he had created his cinematic alter-ego and would star in four films in which we would know his wonderful adventures. An indispensable classic of which, a servant, never gets bored. You have it on Filmin, with several more titles by the French master.

'The city is not for me' by Pedro Lazaga

The city is not for me

And to make this list of classics a bit bizarre and with a sense of humor, you could not miss a classic of Spanish cinema, of neighborhood cinema: Paco Martínez Soria and his mythical 'The city is not for me' (1966) of Pedro Lazaga. As flaky as it may seem – which it is – I have to say that you have to learn to see this type of film in its context, and the real truth is that Martínez Soria was a great comedian and this film is a great example of this.

On the tape, Martínez Soria He gives life to a man in his sixties who, after becoming a widower, moved to Madrid to live with his son, a prestigious city doctor, and his wife. But the change from living in the town to frivolity and follies in city relationswill make me lose my mind a little. A sitcom very worthy of the time. You have it in Flixolé.

Charles Laughton's Hunter's Night

Hunter's Night Charles Laughton

Charles Laughton, very well-known and highly reputed actor of the 40s and 50s -one of his most prominent roles was that of the lawyer in 'Prosecution witness' Billy Wilder (1957) – He directed a single film, but it didn't take more to make him a cult film director. The film in question is the mythical 'The Hunter's Night' (1955), which starred Robert Mitchum and the silent movie star Lilian gish, in his most overwhelming works.

With an overwhelming and expressionist staging -each shot is for framing-, the film tells the story of a man who leaves prison to go in search of the money collected by a poor family man for committing a murder and which he has hidden in a place that only your children know. A dark hunt on the fight between good and evil: the evil represented in a terrifying Mitchum and the good in a Gish warrior and the innocence of the children she protects. A masterpiece that you can see on Filmin.

'The dog in the manger' by Pilar Miró


I didn't want to put on such modern movies, but I just couldn't resist. And it is that, for me, 'The dog of the manger' (1996) of Pilar Miró it is an indispensable modern classic. A delicious comedy one of those that I never get tired of and that make me happy every time I see her, an ideal state for these days locked up at home.

This is the penultimate film of Pilar Miró and adapts one of the most outstanding works of Lope de Vega. In the movie, a brilliant Emma Suarez gives life to the Countess of Belflor, who falls in love with her secretary Theodore – another brilliant Carmelo Gomez-, who in turn is engaged to a maid of the countess. Fun and smart sitcom on jealousy with a wonderful staging and fantastic performances. Of my favorites. You can see it in Flixolé.

Stanley Donen's 'Two on the Road'

Two On The Road 1

In 2019 we lost Stanley Donen to one of the great directors of the golden Hollywood, which gave us some of the most important musical comedies in the History of Cinema. And since I'm playing to go for less obvious titles, this time I recommend 'Two on the road' (1967), a very modern tape which talks about couple relationships and marriage.

Starring Audrey Hepburn and Albert Finney, 'Two on the road' closely follows the story of a marriage from its romantic beginnings, through the years of consolidation to the degradation of their relationship. A film forged from memories in the form of a road-movie: sad, romantic and nostalgic and one of the best stories about the couple never filmed. You have it on Filmin.

Howard Hawks' 'his favorite game'

Your Favorite Game

This is also not the most obvious film in Howard Hawks' filmography, but it seems to me that it has the perfect charm and lightness. In 'His favorite game' (1964), Rock hudson It gives life to a man who works as an expert in a fishing store. After writing a best-seller book, he is invited to a tournament to demonstrate his skills. But there the truth will be revealed: he has not fished in his life and he has no idea.

Although it is considered one less Hawks film, it gives off all the charm of the filmmaker's tapes. A romantic comedy with really hilarious and hilarious moments with the exceptional chemistry of Rock hudson Y Paula Prentiss. Ideal for quarantine evenings. It's on Filmin.

Frank Tashlin's 'Cinderella'


I know. Of all the magnificent comedies by Jerry Lewis, it may not be the most obvious, but that is what it means, to make you discover new titles of classic cinema, like 'Cinderella' (1960) of Frank Tashlin in which the famous story popularized by Disney is changed, changing the sex of its protagonist.

So, Jerry lewis He gives life to Lelo, a young man who lives as a servant of his evil stepmother and spoiled half-brothers, but that one day, a magic spell will change everything and the princess will fall in love with him. What has been the story of the famous story, but seen from the prism of the best clown in cinema thanks to the perfect command of humor. It's also on Filmin.

'Band apart' by Jean-Luc Godard

Band Apart

There is not much classic cinema on Amazon Prime, but we can see one of the key films in the filmography of Jean-Luc Godard, 'Band apart' (1964), exponent of the Nouvelle Vague and that popularized the actress Anna Karina, recently deceased, as one of the key faces of the famous French film movement.

In the film, we meet three young people who meet in English classes and who share a passion for criminella literature and American police cinema. Together they plan to rob the millionaire benefactors of Odile, the female member of the group. A classic of French cinema and with one of the most famous and coolest dance sequences in cinema. And hey, now that we have time it's a good time to learn it.

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