Tenet, Kenneth Branagh speaks: "It will be an action blockbuster with an intellectual side"

While Warner Bros is looking for the best way to manage the distribution of the film Tenet, actor Kenneth Branagh talks about his experience on the set of the new film directed by Christopher Nolan.

We do not yet know the name of the opponent of the protagonists of Tenet, waiting to find out more about the history of the character with the face of the English actor, we recommend this interview that Kenneth Branagh granted journalists to "The Irish Times", thus describing his character:"He's a lot worse than any other character I've played. Christopher studied this part a lot, he knew what I had done before and which aspects of my acting weren't right. He kept telling me, do you know this guy is extremely evil? Finally on the last day of filming he said to me, do you know I kept telling you about your character's evil? You did great".

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Speaking more generally about the film he decided to describe it like this: "The concept is very original. It's one of those Nolan things, it's a gigantic movie, an action-packed blockbuster that can also be interpreted as a more personal film, with a more intellectual". Waiting for further information, we leave you with the new spot dedicated to Tenet.


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