One Piece makes an emotional throwback to the first season

One Piece It remains one of the most beloved series to ever come out of Japan, and it continues to attract new fans every day. After more than twenty years in the air, the anime from Eiichiro Oda It has never been more exciting thanks to the Wano Country series.

If you watched the most recent episode of the anime show, you will know why fans are especially excited about the arc. It all comes down to Episode 968 and a little season one flashback.

The anime recorded Gold D Roger Y Kozuki Oden this week in the middle of its last broadcast. One Piece has certainly been busy checking out the Pirate King with a really special bow, and it closed with a very familiar song.

Gol D Rogen en One Piece – Episodio 968 (Foto: Toei Animation)

Can you guess what the song was? Well, if you thought it was “Memories”, you would be right! The final theme of the first anime season was repeated in episode 968 to the surprise and delight of all Luffy fans.

The song not only made people cry thanks to its lyrics, but it also caused serious nostalgia among fans. So if you haven’t had a look at episode 968, you’ll want to catch up on this bow ASAP!

The Truth News He shares some reactions to the song’s comeback below, and it looks like netizens are still excited by the surprise. What more gifts will Eiichiro Oda give us during the next five years of the series?

“The memories will go on forever”
“I’m too old to cry … This is very nostalgic”

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Fans who wish to watch One Piece anime legally and for free (with advertising) can do so at Crunchyroll O Funimation with dubbing options. Netflix it is also an option, but it does not have all the arcs of the program. Finally, you can read the original manga directly on MANGA More.

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