Sword Art Online: Alicization, a sexy Sinon in this special poster

In the twelfth annual issue of Megami Magazine a special poster will appear to pay homage Sword Art Online: Alicization – War of Underworld. The star of the poster is a sexy Shino Asada in a swimsuit.

The poster was posted on Twitter by @somoskudasai, a well-known page that deals with the latest trends in the anime community. The image portrays a seductive Shino Asada ready for summer. Despite the big advance, the protagonist is already in a bathing suit to enjoy a sunny day on the beach.

Shino Asada, most commonly known by the nickname of Sinon, is a fictional character created by Reki Kawahara for Sword Art Online. The girl made her debut in the fifth volume of Phantom Bullet and in the second season of the animated adaptation. After accidentally killing a robber at the age of eleven, Shino developed a fear of firearms. Hoping to stem this trauma, he began playing Gun Gale Online. What do you think of this character and the poster? The protagonists of this franchise are loved by the public. Alice Zuberg came to life in a Sword Art Online cosplay: Alicization. Asuna is also the protagonist of a beautiful Sword Art Online cosplay: Alicization.

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