SWAT Season 7: Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

S.W.A.T. is an American action drama series based on Robert Hamner’s 1975 show of the same name. The series premiered on CBS on November 2, 2017; Rick Husky, Aaron Rahsaan Thomas, and Shawn Ryan created it.

The second season, which was launched on September 27, 2018, was produced by Original Film, CBS Studios, and Sony Pictures Television, and the third and fourth seasons will be released on October 2, 2019, and November 11, 2020, respectively. A seventh season, which is scheduled to be published soon, was ordered after the show’s sixth season began on October 7, 2022. When can we expect to see Season 6 of S.W.A.T.? What happens? Who of those actors would be willing to come back? If you want to know more, read on!

SWAT Season 7 Renewal Status

Despite a difficult start, CBS ultimately decided to renew SWAT for a seventh season just days after making the highly contentious decision to cancel the show. Thus, season 7 of S.W.A.T. is confirmed and will soon premiere on screens. There is a good likelihood that S.W.A.T.’s fanbase will grow bigger than it was throughout the first six seasons thanks to the renewal announcement and the show’s new Netflix partnership.

Shemar Moore, the show’s star, turned to social media shortly after CBS’s cancellation announcement to express his disappointment with the decision and advocate for a seventh season renewal of S.W.A.T. Longtime actor of CBS’s biggest hits S.W.A.T. and Criminal Minds Shemar Moore criticized the network in an Instagram video, saying presciently, “They said we’re canceled… I don’t think we’re done,” which, as time went on, proved to be accurate.

SWAT Season 7 Release Date

After strikes delayed production, SWAT will return to screens on Friday, February 16, 2024, at 8 o’clock.

Netflix is now home to S.W.A.T., and on May 17, 2023, the first five seasons of the groundbreaking serial debuted on the global streaming behemoth. Season 6 debuted on Netflix in September 2023, and when S.W.A.T. season 7 airs, it will continue in the same vein.

The series’ mid-May Netflix debut was a huge boon, as S.W.A.T. quickly rose to the top ten after being uncanceled and became a streaming phenomenon. Although S.W.A.T.’s debut on Netflix was a huge boost, the program is now much more accessible than before thanks to its inclusion on Hulu and Paramount Plus.

SWAT Season 7 Cast and characters


Although CBS has not officially announced the full cast list for season 2, we should anticipate seeing most of the main characters from SWAT return. We have the following actors and actresses lined up to return for the 2024 season:

  • Shemar Moore as Daniel “Hondo” Harrison
  • Alex Russell as Jim Street
  • David Lim as Victor Tan
  • Patrick St. Esprit as Robert Hicks
  • Kenny Johnson as Dominique Luca
  • Jay Harrington as David Kay
  • Rochelle Aytes as Nichelle Carmichael

SWAT Season 7 Plotline

S.W.A.T. follows the pattern of many procedurals by wrapping up its major plotline after each season and beginning a new overarching storyline at the beginning of the next. It’s quite improbable that Sancho Zamora, the legendary Mexican cartel lord who was imprisoned at the end of season 6 after a reign of terror motivated by retribution, will have any role in S.W.A.T. season 7.

Hondo proposed to Nichelle in season 6, and she enthusiastically accepted. This plot point will be explored further in season 7. Season 7 of S.W.A.T. has the potential to deliver the proper ending that was almost denied to Hondo and his crew when the show was terminated.

SWAT Season 7 Creators

Aaron Rahsaan Thomas and Shawn Ryan, together with Justin Lin, Neal H. Moritz, Marney Hochman, Danielle Woodrow, Pavun Shetty, and Paul Bernard, are the brilliant minds behind S.W.A.T.’s development and executive production.

Nicolas Bradley and Shemar Moore serve as producers, and the series is brought to you by MiddKid Productions, Original Film, CBS Studios, Perfect Storm Entertainment, Kansas Art Productions, and Sony Pictures Television Studios.

SWAT Season 7 Episodes

The next season will consist of 13 episodes, each of which will run for 44 minutes. This short season will serve as the series’ farewell. Episodes are scheduled to be released every week, making it easy to distribute them regularly. In addition, the season’s official episode titles and plot summaries have not yet been made public.

SWAT Season 7 Trailer

The seventh season of SWAT has yet to get a trailer, and it seems doubtful that we will see one before the year comes to a close. Since the next season’s release date is still up in the air, production has not started, so it’s likely that we won’t see a trailer for it until 2024.

SWAT Season 7 Streaming Option

CBS and, later, Paramount Plus both carry all the seasons. FuboTV and Hulu Plus both have it. The series may be rented or purchased through iTunes, Amazon Instant Video, and Vudu, with pricing varying by region and subscription plan.

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