Superman: Batman's surprising reaction to Clark Kent's decision

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Clark Kent has finally declared his identity as a superhero to public opinion, and in the first issue of Superman: Heroes one of his closest friends – Batman – reacts to his confession in a rather surprising way.

Following the sensational worldwide announcement, Superman decides to organize a meeting with the other heroes at the order to discuss the possible consequences of his sortie. His stubbornness could cost dear to the rest of his companions, who – not enjoying his extraordinary strength – would constitute decidedly more affordable preys for the villains.

In this regard, during the assembly Aquaman recounts the reverse of the medal that he himself suffered after his unmasking. The life of his son, in fact, she was torn from Black Mantha's thirst for revenge. As for Batman, he remains rather silent during the debate, but his thoughts come to the surface when he returns to Wayne Manor.

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Bruce reveals that he is very jealous of Clarkcan now operate against crime without hiding identity anymore. His mood is still shaken by the events of the last narrative arc "City of Bane", in which one of his greatest friends and collaborators ever lost his life, Alfred. To this loss, there are also those that he failed to save while trying to block Bane's offensive.

The hero experiences a moment of transition, he must face a very painful wound – the loss of a loved one – that will hardly heal soon, but compared to the last time he can count on a physical and mental temper that will allow him to win this inner battle.

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