Super Dragon Ball Heroes: who is behind that mysterious mask?

The non-canon anime Super Dragon Ball Heroes has just entered a new story arc, the “Space-Time War”, which has brought Goku into a mysterious universe where some of his strongest rivals are present. Among them, however, there is a mysterious fighter wearing a mask.

In the first episode of the new saga, Kakarot awakens in theParallel Universe created by Fu, a mysterious place, closely linked to Universe 7, where some of the most powerful fighters of the opera have been projected. While there is no trace of Vegeta, Freeza and Cooler set out to attack their eternal rival.

Unexpectedly Hearts also appears, a former antagonist who, however, now seems to have sided with Goku. As he stated, he is trying to stop Fu from using the Universe Seed and for this reason he has rushed to the aid of his old enemy, the only one who can fight the mad scientist.

However, the four warriors on the battlefield are guarded from above by a mysterious being wearing a mask. Who is it about? In the synopsis of the corresponding chapter of the manga, shared on Twitter by the user DBS Chronicles, we discover that this mysterious figure is actually a Saiyan, who easily eliminates Freeza and Cooler.

If this is new for the anime, in the world of the Dragon Ball Heroes video game, players have repeatedly had to do with the concept of Masked Saiyan, from Broly, to King Vegeta and Baddack. Is the one that appeared in the episode one of these or another sensational return? And what does that dark object in the face mean? Let’s find out why an old Super Dragon Ball Heroes antagonist sided with Goku.

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