Supacell: Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Tosin Cole and Eddie Marsan appear in the wacky British science fiction drama Supacell, which will premiere on Netflix. Produced by Rapman (Blue Story), this show follows a group of seemingly average individuals who have a profound epiphany about their extraordinary abilities. The one commonality among the five average South Londoners who experience the sudden onset of superpowers in Supacell is their race.


At a Netflix showcase event in April 2023, Rapman said the following: “I’m a massive fan of superheroes, and I love all the Marvel stuff. But I’ve never seen one where they were saying, ‘I’ve got powers, but I’m not going to get into spandex and save the world just yet.'” All I want to do is pay my debts or mend my relationship.

“I have to figure out my life before I can rescue someone,” they say. I wanted to develop something genre-appropriate, but with relatable, everyday characters, since I’ve never seen a program where that was the main focus. It moved me deeply, and all I want is for everyone to see it. Now you know everything there is to know about the Netflix series Supascell:

Supacell Release Date

There is currently no set launch date for the Supacell series, so fans will have to bear with us till the next installment comes out. No information on the start, end, or duration of Supacell shooting or post-production has been made public at this time.

The casting call for the series was announced in August, and the creator has probably not even begun shooting yet. Nevertheless, given that scripts need to be prepared before casting, we cannot claim that the program is not already in production. If the casting for the series begins this year, Supacell will likely be cast by next year.

Supacell Cast

  • Tosin Cole as Michael Lasaki

Tosin Cole stars as Michael Lasaki, the hero and protagonist of Supacell, who teams up with the super-powered South Londoner for an epic quest. Tosin Cole got his start in the industry on Hollyoaks and Eastenders: E20. He has subsequently appeared in 61st Street, Star Wars: Episode V11: The Force Awakens, House Party, and Doctor Who, all while playing the role of Ryan.

  • Eddie Marsan as Ray

As of right now, not much is known about Eddie’s role in Supascell, although he will portray a character named Ray. The Thief, His Wife, and the Canoe and Riley Road both featured Eddie in 2022, with the former portraying the role of fraudster John Darwin. Along with The Gentleman, Their Finest, Ray Donovan, Snow White and the Huntsman, and The Pact, he has also appeared in The Power.

The other cast members are as follows:

  • Nadine Mills
  • Eric Kofi-Abrefa as Andre
  • Calvin Demba as Rodney
  • Josh Tedeku as Tazer
  • Adelayo Adeayo as Dionna
  • Rayxia Ojo as Sharleen
  • Giacomo Mancini as Spud

Supacell Plot

In the six-part science fiction series, a group of seemingly ordinary Black Londoners experience the sudden onset of superpowers. Along with coping with the effects daily, one man must unite them to save the one he loves, all the while dodging the evil agents who have taken note of their unique talents.

Supacell Production Status

The shooting dates of July–December 2022 in London were verified by Production Weekly in issue 1286. The future of Netflix’s Shepperton Studios as a shooting location is uncertain. Production wrapped up on December 10, 2022, after filming had begun on July 4, 2022. The post-production phase of the series has begun.

Supacell Makers

Rapman informed us that Peckham, Lewisham, and Clapham were among the sites used for the shooting of Rapman, which took place mostly in south London.

The series was written by Rapman before it was submitted to Netflix. Along with Steve Searle and Anna Ferguson, he is an executive producer for Netflix. Sheila Nortley is the associate producer and producer of Block 2, while Joanna Crow is the series producer. One of the producers is Geraldine Hawkins. New Wave’s Mouktar Mohammed serves as executive producer, while Henrietta Lee is an associate producer.

Supacell Trailer

A teaser trailer for the next superhero series has not yet been released. There will never be a trailer for the Supacell program since shooting has not yet begun. Production on the Supacell series might start later this year or in 2024 since the main part was cast very recently in August.

Supacell Episodes

Six episodes of SUPAcell will be available on Netflix, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Every one of them will last for half an hour.

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