Styling Long Haircuts

Long hairstyles are the perfect way to frame the face. However, the wrong techniques can remove too much length or create uneven layers. Layering adds movement and shape to long haircuts without sacrificing cherished length. 

The proper long layers flatter your facial features while removing weight for easier styling. However, improper sectioning or over-cutting creates overly short pieces that disrupt the flow. Learn professional techniques to maximize dimension while maintaining length for the perfect long haircuts.

  • Remove No More Than 1-2 Inches When Layering

When layering long haircuts, only trim 1-2 inches maximum throughout to avoid over-thinning. Removing too much bulk in one pass creates weak spots and holes instead of soft layers. Work in small sections, using vertical partings to cut subtle layers that remove weight while keeping the length.  

Take a minimalist approach, removing just enough length to encourage movement and bend. Ultra-long layers starting midway down the hair shaft supply perfect shaping. Resist cutting too high up, which would damage the integrity of the length.

  • Point Cut To Soften The Perimeter 

Avoid blunt perimeter lines when layering long hairstyles. Instead, use point cutting, notching into the ends with vertical snips to create soft, piecey wisps. Point cutting removes bulk while keeping the outline smooth and seamless.

Angle the scissors vertically and snip into the ends in random spots. This produces feathered, textured tips that move freely. Repeat throughout to dissolve any blunt lines for beautiful, diffused shaping.

  • Customize Layers Based On Your Face Shape

Strategic, customized layers tailored to your facial features make long hairstyles more flattering. Determine your face shape, then add framing layers to balance proportions.

For round faces, include face-framing layers around the cheekbones to add length. Those with long faces should avoid layers above the chin that expose more vertical space. Match the layers to your proportions for enhancement. 

  • Section Hair Cleanly In Horizontal Partings 

Section hair cleanly using horizontal partings when cutting layers into long hairstyles. This ensures the layers fall vertically to remove bulk weight along the perimeter. Sloppy zig-zag sections result in uneven, choppy layers.

Work in clean 1-2 inch subsections on the top and sides. Hold the hair taut when sectioning for precise work. Keep sections fluid when moving through the hair for consistency.

  • Avoid Over-Directing Hair When Cutting Layers

Over-directing causes disconnected layers that jut inward, leaving lines in long hairstyles. When cutting, keep sections aligned and facing down to cut uniform layers that stack nicely.

Comb each section straight towards the floor before cutting; don’t comb hair off to the sides. Cutting over-directed hair removes too much weight in certain spots, creating holes instead of softness.

  • No Layering Around The Perimeter

Never add layers along the perimeter of long hairstyles. Layering the outline results in shrinkage and thin, wispy ends. Keep the bottom edge one length for the most extended look.

Layer throughout the interior to remove bulk, but leave the perimeter alone. Solid lines along the hemline help long hairstyles retain their full length without risking see-through ends.

  • Texturize With Thinning Shears

For lightweight texture, thinning shears remove bulk after layering long hairstyles. Thinning shears blend pieces for airiness rather than distinct layers. 

Avoid using regular scissors, as this causes bluntness. Make vertical passes throughout with thinning shears to soften any lines.

  • Check For Even Lengths 

Inspect long hairstyles for even hemlines after layering and bevel any pieces longer than the perimeter length. Uneven hemlines appear messy and unintentional.

Distribute length evenly, smoothing the perimeter line while softening uneven spots. 

  • Style With A Large Round Brush

Volumize and smooth layered long hairstyles by blow drying with a large round ceramic brush. Curving the hair around the barrel enhances natural bend while lifting roots.Curl the ends under to encourage soft flips, directing volume towards your face. Let hair cool before gently breaking up sections into separate pieces. Define layers with light-holding spray.

  • Get Regular Maintenance Trims

Preserve your long layers with minor trims every 8-10 weeks. Ask for just 1/4 inch taken off the hemline to correct any unevenness and freshen up the ends.

Proper maintenance keeps long haircuts healthy and easy to style. Book appointments based on your hair’s growth rate to maintain beautiful dimensions correct to the tips.

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