Stay by My Side Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Stay by My Side Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

With the Stay by My Side series along with the rise of Boys Love dramas, Taiwan also saw a surge in popularity for this genre, as the current series demonstrates.

If so, you may have viewed popular dramas in all languages, including Japanese, Korean, Thai, etc.

Stay by My Side, referred to as “Mian Yi Ping Bi: Immunity Shield,” is establishing itself as an alluring and captivating series that has won the affections of viewers.

The show’s distinct combination of romance, mystery, as well as supernatural elements has attracted devoted fans and left audiences avidly anticipating each new episode.

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Stay beside me. This week, Episode 8 will be released. The plot develops, with the lovers ultimately growing closer to one another. This boy-love drama depicts a heartfelt love tale that is an absolute joy to witness.

The story is about Bu Xia, a child who developed a dread of spirits as he grew up. Now, he can also hear the voices of the entities in his ears.

His only solace is his new companion Jiang Chi. Jiang Chi, who is self-assured, winsome, impolite, and academically gifted, falls too deeply for Bu Xia.

In the meantime, he has discovered a protector in Jiang Chi, as whenever they are together, the phantom voices become silent.

The premiere of the first episode of VIdol’s Boys Love lineup will occur next month! ‘Stay By My Side, formerly titled ‘Stand By My Side, consists of 10 episodes, each of which runs for 20 minutes.

Gu Buxia and Jiang Chi are portrayed by Hong Waji and Isaac Yang, respectively. The drama represents the story for a young man that is afraid of spirits, but who hears enigmatic voices by accident one day.

Due to his dread of spirits, he clings to his housemate, who, to some reason, has the ability to suppress the voices he hears. The two then progressively grew closer.

Stay by My Side Season 2 Release Date

There are no confirmation of a second season about Stay by My Side as of yet. As of this writing, seven out of ten episodes of the first season have been released.

By the conclusion of the first season of Stay by My Side, we should have news regarding a potential renewal for a second season.

If so, we anticipate that Season 2 of Stay by My Side will be released approximately one year later, in July 2025, though this has not been confirmed.

Stay by My Side Season 2 Cast

  • Hong Wei Zhe as Gu Bu Xia
  • Yang I Hsuan as Jiang Chi
  • Liao Wei Po as Guo Zheng Hong
  • Superway Hsu as Bai Yun Hao
  • Jin Cheng as Gu Bu Tao
  • Kai-Hsiang Chang as Lan Bai-Wei
  • Yu-He Hsia as Lin Dai-Han
  • Lee-Fong Huang as Kissing couple

Stay by My Side Season 2 Trailer

Stay by My Side Season 2 Plot

Stay By My Side, formerly referred to in its native tongue as Mian Yi Ping Bi, is an original Taiwanese fantasy boys’ love drama. The tale focuses on two charismatic lads named Go Bu Xia and Jiang Chi.

Bu Xia may appear to be a completely typical individual, but he can actually hear the voices and cries of spirits.

This is due to his familial connections. Since early infancy, he has been nurtured by his spirit medium grandfather.

Jian Chi’s existence was routine as long as his grandfather experienced alive, but after he passed away, odd occurrences began to occur. Immediately following the funeral of his grandfather, Bu Xia begins to hear odd voices in his mind.

After the demise of his grandfather, he initially believed he was hallucinating or suffering from mental illness and decided to see a doctor.

But before that, he discovers that the voice he has been hearing is actually that of a spirit, which surprises him tremendously.

But things become even more startling when he realizes all that closer to Jiang Chi helps him quiet the ghost’s utterances. Jiang Chi is an outstanding athlete and is Bu Xia’s housemate.

We anticipate a romantic relationship between Bu Xia and Jiang Chen in the second season. To keep things intriguing, we can anticipate problems along with a possible separation, but we can also anticipate a reconciliation.

We also anticipate seeing more comedic and ghostly elements, as well as how both characters overcome them.

The original Taiwanese Boys Love fantasy drama, “Stay By My Side,” centers on the characters Go, Bu Xia, and Jiang Chi, much like the characters Aloha Takamatsu and Tsuyoshi Furukawa of Tokyo in April’s Season 2.

Bu Xia has the distinct ability that the voices and laments of spirits, despite the fact that he appears to be an ordinary individual.

Since he was a child, he has been nurtured by his grandfather, a spirit medium, who is responsible for this peculiar characteristic.

During his grandfather’s lifetime, Jiang Chi’s life was routine, but after his grandfather’s death, he began to experience odd and inexplicable occurrences.

This extraordinary ability is a result of his upbringing, as his grandfather was a spirit medium. After his grandfather’s demise, strange occurrences began to occur to Bu Xia.


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