Star Wars: The clone wars Season 8 will be the finale season

Star Wars: The clone wars Season 8


After being re-aired with season 7 in early this year, Star Wars is a show that portrays the perfect combination of some marvelous animation with stories that have been winning hearts from over two decades now. with a short return of the show in season 79, it was believed that it will be the finale season. The story too ended with a revenge of the Sith which made it even firmer that it is not returning for sure. But there have been hints by people associated with the series about another season.

Release date

No confirmations have been received by the Production house regarding the eighth season but sources and hints from them in their tweets have given its fans a hope that there is still something to wait for. When its seventh season was announced to be aired after such a long gap, the enthusiasm that the viewers have shown was overwhelming and even that is one of the reasons that sources expect it to come back yet again with some more Zeal and passion. We are expecting for the confirmations after some relief from the current pandemic situation. Any filming, if needs to be done shall begin after betterments in the pandemic.


With the eighth season nit been announced officially, we are even not yet sure about its cast and crew but there are huge probabilities of same actors being the part if its following season too. With so much love and fan following for season 7, the makers would not want to try anything new at such peak time

So let’s just keep our fingers crossed and tighten our seat belt to be able to witness yet another season of historic animated series Star wars – the clone wars.

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  1. I want so much to see in a series what Ahsoka Tano and Rex did after the events of Clone Wars Victory and Death: how Gregor and Wolffe had their chips removed, present in their heads used to trigger Order 66, and how they ended up with Rex on Seelos aboard an AT-TE; when and how Ahsoka met Bail Organa and Hera Syndulla; what Ahsoka did with his other lightsaber; how Ahsoka got his new white lightsabers; what Barriss Offee has become: if she saw Ahsoka again and after having reconciled, sacrificed herself to save her life; Maul fighting Darth Vader; how Maul got his new lightsaber; if Ahsoka saw Riyo Chuchi, Yaddle, Quinlan Vos, Lux Bonteri, Trace and Rafa Martez, Saw Gerrera, Bo-Katan Kryze, Korkie Kryze, Jar Jar Binks, and maybe Mace Windu if he survived; the reason why Yoda did not reveal what he learned about Korriban (out of fear that it will get worse if he reveals the truth?).
    If they make a series on Ahsoka Tano, I hope so much that the story of this character begins when she leaves the Jedi order, and that it is shown what she has become until the events of Clone Wars Gone With A Trace: if after leaving the Jedi order, she has reviewed Asajj Ventress, but also Barriss Offee and speak with her after discovering her betrayal, in order to reason with her and eventually reconcile.
    I would like to see in a series what Ahsoka did after being saved by Ezra Brider in Star Wars Rebels “A World Between Worlds” until she finds Sabine Wren to go to the research by Ezra Bridger “Family Reunion and Farewell Part II”.
    I look forward to seeing Ahsoka with Sabine on their quest to find Ezra Bridger.
    I want so much to see Ahsoka meet Luke Skywalker, Leia Organa, Han Solo, the ghosts of the Force of Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda, and see Lux Bonteri as well as Trace and Rafa Martez.
    I want to see Mace Windu so badly in an episode of a TV series following Star Wars III Revenge of the Sith after he survived his fall (as long as we are shown how the jedi master survived his fall after being sent out of the window by Darth Sidious), like Luke Skywalker, after Darth Vader cut off his right hand in Star Wars V The Empire Strikes Back. I would especially like to see Mace Windu see Ahsoka Tano again after Order 66.
    I would love to see Ahsoka with Rex come back to this moon near the graves of the clone soldiers with other characters like Luke, Leia, Han.
    I want so much to see Ahsoka Tano seeing Obi-Wan Kenobi on Tatooine or before his exile on Tatooine after Order 66.


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