Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 38 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 38 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

In Solo Farming in the Tower, Chapter 36, the mother bear will keep a close eye on the farm to ensure that the minotaurs are unable to take the harvests this time.

There are too many minotaurs, so regardless of whether Sejun can work out a compromise with them, they will still be an issue.

A race, especially a minotaur race, is too big for Sejun to feed. As more is harvested, Sejun will eventually require assistance with planting and harvesting.

I believe that at some point he will probably be able to hire trainee farmers. I believe he’ll exchange labor and seeds for fertilizer.

Most of the time, Mama Bear can protect him from them. He might be able to teach them how to farm even if they don’t have any unique skills.

Because they can produce their own nourishment and provide an additional line of defense, minotaurs may be able to let Sejun pass through the gate. I kind of hope that this isn’t more long-term, but it may be.

Solo Farming within the Tower, a touching and food-focused Manhwa, is ready to release Chapter 33, so fans are ready for a treat.

We may anticipate more exciting culinary explorations, surprises, and a hint of mystery in this next episode.

Let’s take a brief look back at the last chapter and examine some intriguing tidbits about what’s to come before we get into the forthcoming release.

A light book of the same name served as the inspiration for the manhwa webtoon The Tower Solo Farming.

It was written by McKnight, illustrated by Lee Hae-kyung, and released by Naver Corporation.

Another title for this Korean manhwa is Farming in the Tower Alone. The story of Solo Farming on the Tower centers on Park Sejun, a Korean NEET who is 26 years old.

Theo, a Nomadic Merchant, makes money too by being a cutesy and accepting gifts from people in return for pictures and cuddles from his soft paws.

You’re in the right place if you’re a devotee looking for details about the upcoming Manhwa chapter.

We’ll go over Solo Farming within the Tower Chapter 19’s release date, give a synopsis of the chapter before it, and let readers know where to get the manhwa in this article.

Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 38 Release Date

Solo Farming at the Tower is scheduled for weekly releases, with new chapters coming out every Friday, according to its official calendar.

The anticipated release date of Solo Farming in the Tower Chapter 38 is November 30, 2023, at 12:00 a.m. Korean Standard Time (KST).

Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 38 Trailer

Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 38 Plot

The queen bees in The Tower’s solitary farming expedition hatched out of their cocoons and started searching for hives in the previous episode. Minotaurs were shown as robbing Sejun of his harvests at the same time.

Sejun makes the decision to help the minotaurs by allowing them to utilize their strength to level the land and grow crops.

Aileen was unhappy when the others ate Sejun’s food since, despite her cute appearance, the Dragon Heart’s failure limited her development.

The fact that Sejun’s brother was also admitted into the guild allowed for the enormously popular family reunion that took place in the tower.

However, we are unaware of Aileen’s reaction when Sejun indicated that he would like to return home.

Theo made incredible progress, climbing from the 99th floor to the 38th level, in spite of everything that was happening on around him.

Now Sejun is free to explore the forests beyond his cave. He might be able to broaden his horizons with the aid of his newly hired security guard. The abrupt increase in Theo’s finances led to an investigation.

It’s possible that they will look into it more and find him not guilty. Theo can safely drop all charges against them because they don’t appear to be dishonest authorities.

Sejun can receive a reward from the tower master for both exiting the tunnel and finding the 99th floor of his own.

Since there’s no more room inside the cave, the fields’ expansion can make use of the forest.

It appears like the red bear that the minotaurs are having a major argument about the food source.

There’s no way Sejun could feed the minotaurs on his alone, so I figured he would have to teach them how to farm.

Because of Sejun’s advice, the tower’s mid-story scenario will shift from a boss battle to a task from the gate guardian. Say, a swimming competition with the boss

Is Chapter 36 of “Solo Farming within the Tower,” as hostilities among the red bear with the minotaurs intensify, Sejun must overcome a significant obstacle in order to obtain food.

Sejun takes on a responsibility that goes beyond simple survival after realizing that educating the minotaurs to cultivate is essential to preventing catastrophe.

Following Sejun’s advice, the gate guardian arranges an unexpected task within the tower, changing it into a boss battle.

The challenge turns into a swimming competition with the boss, and the story takes a comical turn.

A fox character who is revealed to be the son of a boss of the itinerant merchant group is also introduced in the story.

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