Small Town Potential Season 1 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Small Town Potential Season 1 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

The premiere of the HGTV program Small Town Potential is scheduled on Wednesday, June 14, 2023.

As Davina and Kristin prepare to assist people move into properties they will refurbish so that the owners may finally be at home, the series will transport viewers to a Hudson Valley.

A new TV show called Small Town Potential is now airing. On June 14, 2023, the television series will debut. Kristin Leitheuser and Davina Thomasula will be the key subjects.

The trio is made up of a real estate agent, a builder, and a master carpenter, none of them whom are reluctant to take on extensive renovations; they both assist their customers in finding, purchasing, and renovating houses with potential.

The audience of Small Town Potential will excitedly awaiting the premiere of Season 1, and they are equally interested in the release date. Now that Season 1 of Small Town Potential is arriving, we have all the details.

The eight-episode debut season of Small Town Potential, which will feature real estate broker and design Davina Thomasula turned her daily life partner and carpenter Kristin Leitheuser, is scheduled to air on HGTV on Wednesday night.

They assist families who are prepared to settle down by helping them choose the ideal property to restore and call home in a quaint upstate New York hamlet.

Each episode the first season will include a design concept created by Thomasula that is supplemented by the local environment, which Leitheuser then brings into being with the aid of her father and construction partner Don.

The Hudson Valley including the picturesque communities tucked along the Hudson River are the main subjects of Small Town Potential’s debut season.

In recent years, HGTV has shown to be especially skilled at locating new, up-and-coming talent for its extensive library of home-renovation shows.

Thomasula and Leitheuser two former city residents who just moved to a small village in New York’s scenic Hudson Valley, according to the press release from HGTV introducing the program.

According to Thomasula in the press release, “The Hudson Valley was full of distinctive and lovely towns nestled across the Hudson River.”

“There are so many people moving here because every town has so much potential and to offer.”

Small Town Potential Season 1 Release Date

On June 14, 2023, the first season of Small Town Potential will be published. Early in 2023, the series was under development. Regarding the series’ premise and the scheduled premiere date, the creators have remained silent.

Fans are advised to wait patiently as the actual date is probably going to be announced in the press very soon. Additionally, as soon as the material is available to the public, we will inform the release area.

Small Town Potential Season 1 Cast

Donald Leitheuser, Davina Thomasula, and Kristin Leitheuser will all appear in Small Town Potential Season 1. The international premiere of Small Town Potential is going to take place on June 14.

Throughout the eight-episode season, real estate agent and designer Davina Thomasula and contractor and life partner Kristin Leitheuser will help families wishing to settle down in a tiny upstate New York village find the appropriate property to repair and call home.

With the help of her dad and Don, her construction partner, Kristin will implement a timeless design concept devised by Davina in each episode.

Small Town Potential Season 1 Trailer

Small Town Potential Season 1 Plot

Along the Hudson River, the Hudson Valley is home to many interesting and picturesque communities, according to Davina.

“Every community has a lot to offer and a lot of promise, which is why so many individuals are relocating here.

I’m an agents and interior designer who locates the ideal home for these recent immigrants from upstate New York.

“And I happen to have been her better half,” Kristin said. A builder refurbishing our customers’ houses in conjunction with my incredible dad, Don, in order to have them ready for their get settled date.

In the first episode, Davina and Kristin is going with a couple in Marlboro, New York to locate and repair a farmhouse from the 1800s with plenty of land for their child to explore.

Later, they go to Kingston, a nearby art district, to turn a dreary attic into a peaceful artist studio.

The Hudson Valley is home to Kristin’s family. She was raised in Pleasant Valley, New York, which is positioned halfway between Albany and New York City.

Davina was raised in Coral Springs, Florida, roughly 20 miles northwest in Fort Lauderdale, after being born in Buffalo, New York.

They currently reside in Kingston, New York, a historic city with a thriving art scene at the foot of the Catskill Mountains.

Although Davina and Kristin want for children, they currently are left with two dogs, Stephen and Winston, to take care of. According to Kristin, “We enjoy calling our animals human names.”

“Stephen was around nine months old when we discovered him wandering the streets of Poughkeepsie. We were shocked to discover he was ours when he was thin and eating from garbage cans.

The new HGTV series Small Town Potential, which debuts on June 14 at 9 p.m. ET/PT, encourages city residents to seek out a slower pace of life thanks to its charming neighborhoods, picture-perfect rolling hills, and lush flora.

Davina Thomasula, a broker and designer, and Kristin Leitheuser, a contractor and life partner, will assist families looking to settle down in a quaint upstate New York hamlet discover the ideal property to restore and call home throughout the eight-episode season.

A real estate agent plus a contractor will be featured in the forthcoming HGTV program Small Town Potential as they prepare to provide homeowners the best team.

The pair will make improvements to a number of homes for the exhibition that will enhance the area’s natural settings.

The eight-episode series is scheduled to begin with the two helping a couple locate and refurbish a 19th-century farmhouse that has enough of acreage for their daughter.


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