Shika no O: cast members revealed and a new trailer

Lots of information regarding the animated adaptation of Shika no O are spread by TOHO. Let’s see the new trailer and the first images of the film together.

The work narrates the adventure of From, a soldier ready to die in the battle against the Empire but who is instead captured and taken to work in a salt mine. One night the man takes advantage of the confusion caused by some beasts and the spread of one mysterious disease to escape and, in doing so, he meets a little girl. To these events is also added the story of the doctor Hossal intent on studying the sore.

The transposition initially scheduled for September 2020 has been postponed, as has happened for many other products, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Currently, the expected publication date is September 10, 2021 and from the trailer shown on the cover of the news we can see some scenes that will be shown in the feature film. Along with the video was also released one key visual, shown at the bottom, in which the protagonists of the work are in the foreground.

Between staff members of production remember the directors Masashi Ando and Masayuki Miyaji and the scientist Taku Kishimoto. Some members of the cast including Shinichi Tsutsumi, voice of Van, Ryoma Takeuchi, in Hossal’s drapery, and Anne Watanabe for the interpretation of Sae.

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