'Sex Education': Criticism of the second season

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'Sex education'It has been one of the first major releases of 2020 on Netflix. And that was already just a year ago, when it premiered its first season full of altered hormones and adolescent sex, hooking a good part of the platform users to turn it into one of his most commented series. Now the bet has risen: from those first-time learning, that adolescence of erotic-festive self-discovery, we go to deeper reflections that will go through sexual abuse, mental health, sexually transmitted diseases, parental abandonment, addictions, anal lavatives or the morning after pill. This second season of the show created by Laurie Nunn It comes strong. And very aware.

The new episodes begin exactly where the story left us: in Otis Milburn's masturbatory habits (ESA Mariposa). They were the target during that first season, in which the protagonist was unable to masturbate, and now his sexual awakening is unstoppable. The first scene shows us an agile, fun and humid montage of how your sexual animal is uncontrolled and will generate more than one problem. But if something makes 'Sex Education' a model teen series is that, beyond its unquestionable protagonist, there is a whole set of characters with their own problems: the rebel Maeve (Emma Mackey) manages to be readmitted to the institute while dealing with the return home of his former mother (Anne Marie-Duff) and her little sister; Eric (Ncuti Gatwa) discover that love has many faces with the newcomer Rahim (Sami Outalbali) and the always sparing in words Adam (Connor Swindells), who has been expelled from the military academy and still tries to find himself; Aimee (Aimee Lou Wood) live a moment of sexual abuse on the bus whose sequels will haunt her throughout the season; Wave (Patricia Allison) is not just happy as Otis’s sentimental partner and finds a special friendship with Lily (Tanya Reynolds), who is still looking for the ultimate geek sexual experience; Jackson (Kedar Williams-Stirling) seeks her way beyond swimming to which her mothers try too hard to push her while also establishing a relationship of mutual help with the newcomer Viv (Chinenye Ezeudu) … And that is just the young.

We give you the best songs of 'Sex Education 2' by the hand of its protagonists.

Sam Taylor

Gillian anderson It accumulates more prominence in this season, in which it will have to face a serious relationship situation that it has been avoiding for a long time. Accept that Jakob (Mikael Persbrandt) occupy a space before only reserved for her makes a dent in your relationship. But that will be on the personal level: in the professional, Jean Milburn becomes the center of the message of this second season of 'Sex Education', advocates more than ever for the improvement of the subject that inspired his degree. If sex education was born from the fellowship (and economic revenue) of Otis and Maeve in the previous season, now that need to know more about the issue becomes institutionalized, showing the benefits of having sexuality professionals in the classroom. That class in which teenagers will learn to be more aware of their bodies, to protect themselves, to avoid major problems, not to be victims of their insecurities. That type of subject in which more of the father would put the Parental Pin out of sheer ignorance, but that in Internet times is more necessary than ever.

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As it's usual, 'Sex Education' fights against ignorance and stigma with information, but also with a lot of sense of humor. Despite being rabidly modern in his characters and themes (there is a very diverse representation of different sexual orientations, genders and races, a refreshing emotional intelligence in each of his reflections on today's youth, 'body-positive' messages, a celebration of the 'queer', etc.), has a halo of indisputable nostalgia. Its realistic tone is set in an almost imagined place, a contemporary Wales with an eighties aesthetic where it is spoken mostly with a British accent although all seem to be taken from an American film by John Hughes. It is in that mixture between ancient references and a modern spirit that makes it special, a portrait of Generation Z that wants to touch that utopia of who they should – we should be – instead of being strictly rigorous with the reality of the world. In those same codes, although at a very different end, so was the magnificent series 'Euphoria' of HBO.

Otis, Eric, Sex Education season 2


Thus, with references to classics of the genre of the 'teen movie' as diverse as'The club of five'(the punishment of the seventh episode) and'Bad Girls'(the scandal of the secret notes that turn the institute upside down), and also literary classics like'Cyrano de Bergerac'(the relationship between Jackson and Viv) and'Romeo and Juliet (not only because of the final theatrical performance, but also because of the constant obstacles encountered by its protagonists, Otis and Maeve), the new episodes of the second season of 'Sex Education' comply with a note on Netflix. But perhaps the best that can be said about it is that, beyond its aesthetic nostalgia and its references, it has matured.

Your characters may still try to find who they are, what they want to do with their lives or with whom, but the creator knows perfectly well that This series is a beacon whose light we should follow very closely. He knows that images are powerful. How is it going:

The world is a complicated place, but with the protagonists (in a long plural) of 'Sex Education' it is understood much better. And the most important: today's youth will understand it much better.

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