Selling Tampa Season 2: Renewal Status, Release Date, And Other Updates

The black-owned, all-female Allure Realty Agency of Tampa, Florida is profiled in “Selling Tampa,” a Netflix documentary series. The show provides an inside look at the hectic lives of high-powered real estate agents as they deal with demanding customers and work to earn a commission that might change their lives forever. It seems like the TV show ‘Selling Tampa’ will have viewers on the edge of their seats with its promise of a plethora of spectacular oceanfront houses, fascinating client discussions, and high-octane drama.

Produced by Adam DiVello, who is also credited with inventing ‘Selling Sunset,’ ‘Selling Tampa’ has received high appreciation for its realism, candor, and plenty of drama. The premiere of Season 1 has piqued audience interest in learning whether or not a Season 2 is in the works. We have arrived at solutions!

Will there be a Selling Tampa season 2?

PageSix reports that the second season of Selling Tampa will not be ordered.The performers didn’t agree with Netflix’s argument that their decision was based on ratings. Another cast member, Juawana Colbert, told the website, “I feel like we weren’t given a second chance, probably because of what we represented as minority women.”

Selling Tampa Season 1 Recap

The events of “Selling Tampa” center on the goings-on at the Allure Realty Agency in Tampa, Florida. It features prominent real estate brokers marketing a variety of high-end residences to wealthy buyers. These properties range from sprawling ranches to seaside mansions to small cottages. However, the real estate industry is rife with unusual conflicts that may lead to the emergence of both alliances and oppositions inside a single firm. The first season of the reality show is full of raw drama, with some cast members even wanting to form their own independent agencies.

Finally, Sharelle appointed Juawana as her deputy and was ready to take maternity leave. Even closer to the time of her departure, Sharelle severed ties with Alexis and removed her from her agency, saying that Alexis was not performing up to Allure Realty’s expectations. However, viewers were also surprised to see Rena seemingly negotiate a lease on her own real estate agency; this, along with her developing connection with Anne and Colony, suggests a potential breakup.

Selling Tampa Season 2 Cast

Since Selling Tampa is a reality program, cast changes are quite unusual. That’s why the odds of seeing the same actors in Selling Tampa’s second season are more than 50%. Here are some of the females that might return for Season 2:

  • Sharelle Rosado
  • Karla Giorgio
  • Tennille Moore
  • Alexis C. Williams
  • Anne-Sophie Petit-Frere
  • Colony Reeves
  • Rena Upshaw Frazier
  • Juawana Colbert

Selling Tampa Season 2 Plot

Since Alexis departed the firm at the end of Season 1, we should anticipate some issues and ramifications in Season 2. Even though Sharelle invited her back once she had taken care of some personal issues, Alexis was clearly hurt by the abrupt push.

The agents are concerned about their commission amounts, and a few are even thinking about creating a rival agency. Anne-Sophie is anxious about starting her own company since Sharalle just threatened Rena Frazier, who already has her real estate license and is considering her choices. Unfortunately for Sharelle, her fiancé is now in Miami. The second season of Selling Tampa might potentially explore the dynamics between Sharelle and Johnson.

The forthcoming season will provide several answers. Will Anne-Sophie be leaving Allure to go out on her own? When Alexis leaves the company, what will happen? I suppose we will have to wait and see. Everything we learn about Season 2 of Selling Tampa, we’ll be sure to share with you.

Selling Tampa Season 2 Release Date

On December 15, 2021, the first season of “Selling Tampa” debuted on Netflix in its entirety. There are eight episodes in the season, and each one is 45 minutes long and packed with action.

Netflix has not said whether or if there will be a second season of “Selling Tampa.” Fans shouldn’t be too down, either; networks often renew series depending on how well they do in the ratings and how much money they bring in. Since ‘Selling Tampa’ is able to capture the attention of the many people who enjoyed ‘Selling Sunset,’ it appears likely that the series will continue to do well in the future. Fans may be certain that Netflix will continue to create new episodes of “Selling Sunset” due to the show’s popularity and the network’s dedication to the genre. ‘Selling Tampa’ season 2 would premiere in early 2023 if Netflix decides to order another installment.

How many episodes are there in Selling Tampa Season 2?

If the show is renewed for a second season, it will likely have the same number of episodes as season one.

Selling Tampa  Filming locations

Allure Realty and its agents are located in the Tampa Bay area, therefore the show’s title indicates that much of the action takes place there. The episodes also include the stunning Miami setting. Because of its abundance of high-end real estate, the Tampa Bay area is a major hub for West Florida’s economy.

If you’re in the Tampa area, stop by Allure Realty at 1315 East 7th Avenue, Suite 105. In addition to the workplace, other Tampa Bay area venues used for shooting include restaurants, shops, parks, and more. Selling Tampa, Season 1 visits the Magic City and showcases the SLS South Beach Hotel, Mayami Mexicantina & Bar, and many more stunning locations in Miami.

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