Selena: The Series Season 3 Release Date: Did The Show Get Renewed Or Not?

The Mexican-American singer Selena Quintanilla and her family endure hardships as they pursue their aspirations in Netflix’s historical drama series Selena: The Series. Season 1 of the show premiered in 2020 and followed the singer from her early years in Texas until the release of her debut Spanish album, Ven Conmingo. The second episode, “The Road to Death,” premiered on Netflix on May 4 and tells the story of her life from the release of her first English-language album to her tragic death at the hands of Yolanda Saldivar on March 31, 1995. Now that the first two episodes of Selena: The Series have been out, fans are wondering if there will be a season three.

Selena: The Series Season 3 Renewal Status

Part 3 of Netflix’s Selena series has not yet been revealed, despite the fact that the show was intended to be a limited series. The show’s creator, Moises Zamora, feared that after three or four episodes, executives wouldn’t see the value in a series about Selena, so he planned a compact 20-episode arc. He believes that after the first 18 episodes, it’s up to Netflix to decide if there will be any more about Selena.

Selena: The Series Season 3 Release Date

Netflix has been silent about the possibility of a third season. If a third season is to be made, it will either focus on a new character—perhaps one who was more closely associated with Selena—or serve as a prequel, depicting any previously undisclosed events from Selena’s upbringing. Season 2 will finish with Selena’s death. Still, we’ll have to be patient in the end.

Given that it takes at least a year to record, shoot, and edit each episode of television, it is likely that the show will be broadcast in the following year if it is renewed. Zamora hasn’t confirmed if the current episode count of 18 is the last one for the season. He also noted that Netflix will have the final say over what percentage was considered excessive.

It’s not known if the show will go on without Selena, although it wouldn’t be unprecedented for a Netflix show to do so. Despite being a very different storyline, 13 Reasons Why managed to continue airing for a total of three more seasons by shifting the focus from Hannah’s death to that of Clay. In light of it, here is what we can deduce about several potential Selenas: Part 3 of The Series.

Selena: The Series Cast and characters

  • Christian Serratos as Selena
  • Madison Taylor Baez as Young Selena
  • Gabriel Chavarria as A.B. Quintanilla
  • Juan Martinez as Young A.B.
  • Ricardo Chavira as Abraham Quintanilla
  • Brandol Ruiz as Young Abraham
  • Noemi Gonzalez as Suzette Quintanilla
  • Daniela Estrada as Young Suzette
  • Seidy López as Marcella Quintanilla
  • Aneasa Yacoub as Young Marcella
  • Hunter Reese Peña as Ricky Vela
  • Luis Bordonada as Johnny Canales
  • Paul Rodriguez as Roger Garcia
  • Carlos Alfredo Jr. as Joe Ojeda
  • Julio Macias as Pete Astudillo
  • Gladys Bautista as Vangie
  • Bryan Arion as Ray
  • Jesse Posey as Chris Pérez
  • Rico Aragon as José Behar
  • Christian Escobar as Bill Arriaga
  • Natasha Perez as Yolanda Saldivar
  • Christopher Parks as Lee Ritenour
  • David Barrera as Hector
  • Oscar Avila as Manny Guerra
  • Casey Tutton as Jilly
  • Catia Ojeda as Laura Canales
  • Mark Atkinson as Denny, Selena’s manager
  • David Fernandez Jr. as David Kramer
  • Joe Lorenzo as Luis Silva
  • Giovanna Bush as Young Beyoncé

Selena: The Series Season 3 Plot

If there is a third season, we’d like to see how her family copes with the tragic loss of their daughter. Or, with the use of flashbacks in her mind, we can be shown the parts of her life that we haven’t seen yet. Your opinion on this matter is much sought after.

It would be fascinating to see more of this gorgeous and successful woman’s life unfold in a flashback. All of Selena’s followers are bound to want to know more about her early life, including the things they didn’t see on screen. It’s not wise to divide her suffering into only those two categories.

At the end of the second half, we see John listening to Selena’s posthumous single “Dreaming of You,” which makes him cry. Wasn’t it a spooky sight? In the film’s last act, we might find out how her death affected the rest of his family. I hope she knows how much of an impact this song has had since her passing. As fans, we’re also curious about what happened to her and her family after she passed away in this volume of the series.

Is there a need for more of the show? Do you ever think about what your life will be like now that Selena is gone? How did her loved ones cope with her passing? The third section should have the solutions to our problems. We know you’re just as eager to learn the details as we are. Visit our website to learn about our latest developments.

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