Sakamoto Days Season 1 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, And Everything You Need to Know

Sakamoto Days Season 1 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, And Everything You Need to Know

The world of anime is about to get a fresh injection of action, comedy, and suspense with the highly anticipated adaptation of the popular manga series Sakamoto Days. Originally serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump since 2020, this thrilling story about a former legendary hitman trying to live a normal life has captivated readers worldwide. Now, fans can look forward to seeing Sakamoto’s adventures unfold on the small screen.

Sakamoto Days chronicles the life of Taro Sakamoto, a retired assassin once feared throughout the underworld. After falling in love, he left his bloody past behind to start a family and open a humble convenience store. However, former enemies and colleagues persistently threaten his peaceful life. Sakamoto, with the help of a telepathic former hitman named Shin, must defend his loved ones while maintaining his ordinary facade.

Sakamoto Days Season 1 Release Date:

The wait is finally over for Sakamoto Days fans, eagerly anticipating the anime adaptation. In a newly released trailer, it was revealed that Sakamoto Days season 1 will premiere in January 2025, as part of the upcoming winter anime season lineup.

This announcement has sent waves of excitement through the anime community, as viewers can’t wait to see how the talented staff at TMS Entertainment will bring Yuto Suzuki’s unique manga to life on the small screen. While an exact release date is still forthcoming, fans can rest assured that they’ll be able to catch Sakamoto’s thrilling exploits in just a few months.

Sakamoto Days Series Storyline Overview:

Sakamoto Days is the compelling story of a former hired gun who traded a life of violence and riches for the simple joys of family. Taro Sakamoto was once an unrivaled assassin who struck fear into the hearts of evildoers. However, after an unexpected romance blossomed, he decided to hang up his weapons and settle into a quieter life as a husband, father, and small business owner.

Despite his best efforts to leave his past behind, Sakamoto’s former associates and enemies remain determined to pull him back into the world of assassins and organized crime. Armed with his incredible combat skills and assisted by the telepathic Shin, Sakamoto must find a way to protect his loved ones without disrupting the peaceful existence he has built.

What makes Sakamoto Days so engaging is the duality of its protagonistβ€”a once-revered killer now content with a mundane family man routine. This dichotomy creates endless opportunities for thrilling action sequences and heartwarming character moments as Sakamoto navigates the challenges of balancing his two vastly different lives.

Sakamoto Days Season 1 Expected Storyline:

While specific plot details for Sakamoto Days season 1 are still under wraps, fans of the manga can likely expect the initial episodes to establish Sakamoto’s current domestic situation and slowly reintroduce the threats from his past life.

Early on, viewers will likely be introduced to key figures like Sakamoto’s wife Aoi, who played a pivotal role in his retirement, as well as his young daughter Hana. The season may also depict Sakamoto’s first meeting with Shin and how the telepathic former hitman becomes an invaluable ally.

As the season unfolds, Sakamoto will surely need to employ his enduring abilities to repel numerous assassins, former associates, and criminal groups seeking to capture him once more. Flashbacks could shed light on Sakamoto’s notorious history and how feared he once was.

Sakamoto could be secretly investigating a resurgent assassination group, going undercover at an elite assassin training academy, or facing the mysterious “X,” an unidentified assassin who seeks to take down assassins, in potential storylines. Balancing his double life and keeping his family’s safety will likely be a central conflict.

Sakamoto Days Series list of Cast Members

    • Taro Sakamoto (voiced by Tomokazu Sugita)
    • Shin Asakura
    • Lu Xiaotang
    • Aoi Sakamoto
    • Hana Sakamoto
    • Heisuke Mashimo
    • Yoichi Nagumo
    • Shishiba
    • Osaragi
    • Hyo
    • Takamura
    • Kanaguri
    • Kamihate
    • Oki
    • Torres
    • Tanabata
    • Akira Akao
    • Natsuki Seba
    • Mafuyu Seba
    • Nao Toramaru
    • Joichiro Kaji
    • Amane Yotsumura
    • Byodo
    • Etsuko Satoda
    • Rion Akao
    • Sei Asaki
    • Erio Muto
    • Kei Uzuki / X
    • Kashima
    • Gaku
    • Kumanomi
  • Haruma
  • Club Jam
  • Carolina Reaper
  • Uda
  • Lu Wutang
  • Asakura
  • Satoru Yotsumura
  • Miya
  • Boiled
  • Obiguro
  • Dump
  • Saw
  • Apart
  • Minimalist

Sakamoto Days Season 1 List of Episodes:

Industry insiders speculate that Sakamoto Days Season 1 will likely consist of 12 to 24 episodes, although the exact number of episodes remains unconfirmed. This estimation is based on the manga’s current chapter count and the typical pacing of anime adaptations.

Specific details about the episode titles remain unreleased. Fans can anticipate that each episode will bear the names of the corresponding chapters from the manga, ensuring a faithful adaptation of the original material.

Sakamoto Days Series Creators Team:

Sakamoto Days was created by writer and illustrator Yuto Suzuki, who first introduced the concept in a one-shot manga titled “Sakamoto” published in 2019. Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine launched the official Sakamoto Days manga series in November 2020.

The talented team at TMS Entertainment (Dr. Stone, Rent-A-Girlfriend) has assembled for the anime production to bring Suzuki’s unique vision to life. Masaki Watanabe will direct the series, while Taku Kishimoto (The Deer King, Ranking of Kings) will write the scripts.

Yo Moriyama, who has worked on various other action series like One Punch Man and Golden Kamuy, will helm the character designs for the anime. Suzuki himself will work as a supervisor to ensure that the anime faithfully adapts his original manga work.

Other key staff members include Yuji Nomi (Accel World) as the assistant director, Yuu Kawaihara as the art director, Ayaka Yamaguchi as the color key artist, and Masaru Yokoyama handling music composition.

Where to Watch Sakamoto Days Season 1?

By the time it premieres in January 2025, viewers around the world will have plenty of options to watch Sakamoto Days season 1 and join the hitman hijinks.

Most major anime streaming platforms that simulcast new seasonal shows as they air in Japan should have the anime available. This likely includes services like Crunchyroll, HIDIVE, and potentially Netflix, which has been steadily expanding its anime catalog.

Within Japan, Sakamoto Days will most likely air on local television networks like TV Tokyo or affiliates of the current anime season’s NaruIllust programming block. Japanese streaming options may include AbemaTV and other local platforms.

Distribution companies like Shout! Factory essentially guarantee Sakamoto Days a home video release on Blu-ray and DVD down the line, both in Japan and English-speaking territories like North America and the UK, for those who prefer to own a physical copy.

Sakamoto Days Season 1 Trailer Release Date:

The very first trailer for Sakamoto Days season 1 made its debut on May 27, 2024, much to the excitement of the anime community.

This initial promotional video was just over 2 minutes long and gave viewers their first glimpse at Sakamoto in animated form – both in his prime hitman days and his current overweight man persona. The trailer also revealed cast members, including Tomokazu Sugita as Sakamoto’s voice actor.

While light on actual footage, the teaser trailer effectively sets the tone and premise while showcasing the unique blend of action, comedy, and drama that Sakamoto Days is known for. It represented the perfect appetizer to build hype for the main course coming in January 2025.

Typically, anime releases 1-2 additional full trailers in the months leading up to the premiere, showcasing more footage, characters, music, and staff to further promote the series.

Sakamoto Days Season 1 Final Words:

Sakamoto Days is shaping up to be one of the most hotly anticipated new anime series on the horizon for 2025. With its appealing mixture of intense action, comedic family antics, and compelling character drama, the show seems poised to attract a diverse array of viewers.

Director Masaki Watanabe, writer Taku Kishimoto, and character designer Yo Moriyama make up the impressive creative team. Having the original creator, Yuto Suzuki, involved as a supervisor is also extremely promising for a faithful adaptation of his unique manga story.

While specific details are still emerging, fans can definitely look forward to witnessing the struggle between Sakamoto’s new pedestrian life and his inescapable reputation as a legendary hitman. Seeing this juxtaposition play out through thrilling set pieces and character interactions has unlimited potential for entertainment.

Mark your calendars for January 2025 – Sakamoto Days is about to take the anime world by storm with a healthy dose of humor, heart, and plenty of assassin action! Anticipation will only continue building until this killer new series finally premieres.

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