Romario's follies: when he humiliated Guardiola and the day he left Cruyff standing

Despite the fact that many only remember his last stage during the 2000s and associate his name with the one who wanted to match the record for goals scored by Pele and he didn't make it, there's no question what kind of player he was Romario. The Brazilian not only stood out for his incredible scoring quality, but in the 1990s he proved to have enough talent to lead the Brazil's selection to consecrate himself in the World Cup 1994, same year in which he received the Golden Ball.

It was so from the Spanish newspaper Brand They decided to interview several former colleagues from the Chapulín, who shared equipment with him during his steps through the Barcelona and the Valencia. They not only remembered all the conditions that the born in Rio had as a footballer, but also detailed several of his most incredible anecdotes.

His passage through the Blaugrana it was short but forceful, in a season and a half, O Baixinho managed to score 39 goals in 65 games played and raised the trophy of the League of Spain.

In a Barcelona training, Romario threw a hat at Pep Guardiola and he stopped all practice to applaud him

Mandatory Credit: ALLSPORT

In a Barcelona training, Romario threw a hat at Pep Guardiola and he stopped all practice to applaud him

Mandatory Credit: ALLSPORT

"Of the players you remember their matches, but of the great memories even of training. In one of them he showed that he was a cartoon player. He scored goals of all colors for the goalkeepers, things that only he could do, "he stressed. Miguel Ángel Nadal, former partner of the attacker. While Oscar Harpoon reported an action of Romario on Josep Guardiola in a practice: “When I came with the desire to train it was outrageous. In the games it was a joy to see him play. It is true that whoever was on his team won for sure. I remember once he made a hat for Guardiola, Pep stopped training completely and began to applaud him. We will all follow soon. ”

Another one that brought to the present an uncomfortable situation that the wardrobe experienced was the day the Brazilian star crossed paths with Johan Cruyff, then coach of Barca. "He is the best footballer I have ever seen, there is no other like him. One day he had a confrontation with the coach, who back then said what was going to Mass. Something claimed him and Romario he answered bluntly. ‘You are not my father, I train, I play …’Johan told him to wait for him in the locker room and he After a while, he notified a club worker to transfer him to Cruyff that he had gone to a tennis tournament.. A genius. I told him not to do those things and he replied ‘I am Romario, you don't know what it is to be Romario’"He commented to the Iberian media.

Of course, beyond these frictions, the Dutchman was one of the few who understood all the striker's talent. "I respected him more than anyone else in football because I saw things in him that the rest did not have ", they assured about Cruyff and even reissued the well-known anecdote of the day that the DT proposed that he would let him travel to the Rio carnivals on the condition that he score a double in the next game, a fact that Romario fulfilled the detail that he had already taken the plane tickets before the collation.

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Romario was short-lived in Valencia under the leadership of Luis Aragonés

Romario was short-lived in Valencia under the leadership of Luis Aragonés

In 1996, after a brief return to Brazilian football, the Chapulín he ended up in the Valencia, a set in which it had to be placed under the orders of Luis Aragones, multi-champion coach with Atlético de Madrid and famous for his demanding way of training. The carioca did not arrive in its best form to the set Che and he could only dispute 12 games and convert 6 goals.

"Running was not his thing and that is why he had many hookings with Aragonesewhat was saying ‘Look at my eyes.’ He was going about his business, but he was not a bad person. I was very hesitant with this training, but he was a great fitter, "he explained. Jorge Otero, which also provided a detail: Romario always trained in a raincoat "Even if it were 40 degrees in the middle of the Valencian August".

O Baixinho escaped physical training, but, as explained José Manuel Sietes, his level in the last meters of the field were superlative. "I did not run but he repeated, ‘Let the youngsters, Mendieta and company do it. I'm not running anymore ’. He excused himself saying that if he did it later then he would not be cool near the area, which is where he was lethal with that spectacular change of pace. Of course, the ball he was taking was to score. I was looking to show you where he wanted the ball and he would uncheck it there. If you were happy, he would win the game by himself, but you had to give him the balls inside the area"he concluded.

In total and after 24 years as a professional, Romario achieved the mark of 774 official goals in 987 matches (mark that computes those achieved with the selected Sub 20 and Sub 23), although he claims to have scored 1002 screams, a product of those he achieved in his lower stage.

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