Ricky Gervais: “The Office Was Easier Than After Life”!! Read What He Actually Means!!

Ricky Gervais happens to be an English comedian, actor, writer, creator, and director who is best known for waiting and co-creating. It is surely surprising to know that the award-winning writer feels that his series “After Life” was not an easy task. But you will have more excitement to know what he actually means about it. Read every little detail about it in the article.

“After Life” is one of the most popular series to stream on Netflix and it happens to be the most challenging project. Yes, the best co-creator, Ricky Gervais thanks that it was much challenging to complete the British black comedy television series. If one of the amazing writers can think that creating a successful Netflix series is difficult. Then what we can say about all those series creators who did make exciting and interesting series. But it will more surprising to know for you the interesting fact that Ricky did reveal in an interview.

Surprising Revelation By Ricky Gervais On RadioTimes:

As per the reports, when Ricky Gervais was having a conversation with Radiotimes, he did reveal some interesting facts. Ricky did mention the dark comedy series “After Life” to be the most challenging platform that he did face. He also did not forget to say that it was not an easy task to create a bittersweet version.

He thinks that if he makes the comparison of his past successful hits like “The Office” and “Extras” with the “After Life”. Then the Netflix series was quite a difficult task to accomplish, write, and produce for the successful hit. But if you did watch the series that the award-winning director thinks a challenging one. It is sure that you did notice that all the hard work of fans and creators can be seen in the series.

Viewers and fans of Ricky Gervais will surely not want to miss watching “After Life”. The series is available to stream on Netflix and you can watch it with a Click Here.

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