Resident Evil Village would have a “Roguelike” style mode

We love that they make things difficult for us, but sometimes we just go overboard and everything: according to a rumor, Resident Evil Village will feature a terrifyingly difficult mode, which resembles a Roguelike.

It would be a mode that we could unlock (ergo it would be necessary to overcome the adventure before) and it would turn it into this style of title with enemies and random items (if you are fans of the mods videos on Youtube, it has been done with some old games and the result It has been eerily difficult – imagine not knowing where anything is and a hallway full of Tyrants).

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It would be an experimental mode and it would be a challenge for the fans. It has been an insider, AestheticGamer, who has strung up various notes on Twitter revealing what players might expect from the game after clearing the main story. It would be similar, he says, to the Ethan Must Die mode from Resident Evil 7, says the VG24 / 7 medium.

There is very little left for the next game event: it will be on April 15, 2021. Also, it seems that files for a new ‘game demo’ have been uploaded to the PlayStation Network.

Announced and Twitter, Capcom says the presentation will include a new trailer and gameplay, “along with a few other surprises” on April 15 at 3 pm Pacific / 6 pm Eastern / 11 pm UK (it’s April 16 00:00 here, Spanish peninsular time). Stay tuned, that May 7 is here next door and therefore, Resident Evil Village is almost ours …

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