Resident Evil Village: medikit, merchant and Gorilla-Man, new information appears

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After the leak of information on Resident Evil Village a few days ago, many new details emerged on the net, this time extrapolated from an alleged playtest that would have taken place in September last year. Attention, you may find spoilers, so if you do not want advances we advise you not to continue reading.

According to what reported by Biohazard Cast, the demo in question allowed to check Ethan Winter for about 30 minutes inside the village that gives the game its name. Among the weapons supplied were a knife, a pistol and a shotgun, while among the enemies there were werewolf-like beings and opponents pale and putrid with armor who carried sickles, swords and axes.

During the playtest two different care items were available, whose functioning was in all respects similar to that of Resident Evil 7 medikit. An image of one of these has already been shown in the video Resident Evil Village – Special Developer Message. The evidence also showed that the old woman visible in the Resident Evil 8 trailer is called Morgana, and serves as a merchant by offering information and goods such as healing items, ammunition and weapon accessories in exchange for money. Fans recognized this character a similarity with Resident Evil 4.

The one who tried the demo also referred to the mysterious enemy that swoops down from above during the trailer with the name of Gorilla-Man: it is good to specify that this is not the official appellation, but a description used to describe it. Its real nature, like that of other enemies to date called "witches" or "werewolves", will be revealed to us in the full game. In any case this Gorilla-Man has been described as a large mini-boss wrapped in several chains, who wields one gigantic ax. He has been associated with the Resident Evil 5 Executioner Majini. As he moves he launches agonizing cries, probably caused by the experiments he was subjected to. During the battle the Gorilla-Man is flanked by pale and putrid enemies, and it has been pointed out that he can kill Ethan with a total of three shots. The source also noted that werewolf-like enemies are very fast and difficult to hit, and it is easy to run out of ammo as they face off.

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Biohazard Cast considers all this information reliable, but we still advise you to take them with the pliers pending an official confirmation from Capcom. According to rumors, a new trailer for Resident Evil Village will be released in August. What is certain is that the game is expected in 2021 on PC, Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5.

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