Kate Winslet and Zoe Saldana Hints Production of “Avatar 2”!! Read The Details!!

“Avatar 2” is one of the most awaited movies that fans and viewers have been eagerly waiting for with bated breath. The production of the movie has been going on for several long years now. But the filming and production had to come to a halt due to the Coronavirus pandemic that the entire world suffers from.

Well, as there is no production or filming going on currently, the showrunners are treating everyone with the set photos. Yes, there have been several set photos that confirm the production of the sequel movie “Avatar 2”. But fans and followers will be more than happy to have a look at the recent pic of the sequel production. The image upload over Twitter offers glimpses of Kate Winslet and Zoe Saldana during the production of the movie. Read about the details in the article.

Kate Winslet and Zoe Saldana In “Avatar 2”

There are surprising new images that appear on the official handle of “Avatar” on Twitter. In the image, you can have a look at the main star cast of the upcoming sequel movie. The leading characters of “Avatar 2” will include Zoe Saldana, Kate Winslet, Sam Worthington, and Cliff Curti. You can have a glimpse at the amazing star cast enjoying in the water.

“Avatar 2” Production Delays

Due to the ongoing deadly threat of COVID-19, almost every movie and series production is temporarily down. Along with them, the production and filming of the sequel movie “Avatar 2” are also not going on currently. If we look at the current situation the directors did announce the delay in the production of the movie.

There are so many other projects that have been carrying on with the production and filming which had to postpone it all along. The Coronavirus pandemic has its impact all over the world including the cinematic world. But the production and filming of “Avatar 2” will be up and running as soon as everything is back to normal.

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