Regé-Jean Page could have been Superman’s grandfather before ‘The Bridgertons’ but DC vetoed the character from being black, according to The Hollywood Reporter

Only one season of ‘The Bridgertons’ has been enough to convert the actor Regé-Jean Page into a world star. It remains to be seen if he manages to consolidate that status with his next projects, but now the news that has caught our attention is that The Hollywood Reporter assures that he could have given life to Superman’s grandfather in the series ‘Krypton’.

No experiments with ‘Krypton’

Apparently, those responsible for the series were betting on getting a different cast than what one would expect in a project of these characteristics, which led to Page taking a test to become Superman’s grandfather. In The Hollywood Reporter they do not specify if they really wanted him for the role, but they do specify the reason why it was impossible for him to get the role: DC said Superman couldn’t have a black grandpa.

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Specifically, it was Geoff Johns, one of the bosses of DC Films and of those responsible for the DC Extended Universe until 2018, the one who opposed making this wish of those responsible for DC come true. Besides that, He also vetoed the possibility of Adam Strange being gay or bisexual on ‘Krypton’.

A Johns representative told The Hollywood Reporter that “Geoff celebrates and supports LGTBC characters, including Batwoman, who in 2006 was reintroduced as LGTBQ in a comic series co-written by Johns“, clarifying that he also presented the project for the first DC series with an LGTBQ protagonist and that about the character of Superman’s grandfather, the reason that led Johns to discard that idea is that the public expected someone who looked like a version young from Henry Cavill.

Finally, the one chosen to give life to Superman’s grandfather in ‘Krypton’ was Cameron Cuffe, while Strange had the face of Shaun Sipos in the two seasons that the series lasted on the air.

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