Red-haired Shirayuki arrives in Italy soon: Volume 1 available from April 14th

Edizioni Star Comics expands its rich selection of manga shojo by adding to the catalog Red-haired Shirayuki, the famous cartoon by Sorata Akiduki transposed into anime in 2015 by the boys of BONES (My Hero Academia, Carole & Tuesday). The release date of the first Volume is set for April 14th, and it will be possible to buy it in the comic store at a discounted price.

Star Comics, in fact, has announced that the first two volumes of the manga will be the protagonists of an interesting promotion. The first will debut on April 14 in the comic store at a price of € 2.90, while the second on May 19 at a price of € 3.90. The promotion will be available exclusively in comic shops while stocks last, after which the price will return to the classic one of € 5.50. In bookstores and online stores, the two Volumes will be available only at full price and will arrive one month late, namely May 19 and June 16 2021.

In case you are not familiar with the work, we remind you that Red-haired Shirayuki is currently underway in Japan with 23 published volumes, and that the synopsis published by Star Comics reads as follows: “Shirayuki was born with gorgeous bright red hair. This feature, which gives it a particular charm, attracts the interest of the infamous Prince Raji, willing to do anything to make her his, so much so that the girl is forced to leave the country to escape the order to become her concubine. Arriving in the woods of a nearby kingdom, Shirayuki runs into Zen, a boy who immediately offers her help and protection, but whose real identity is still unknown … A new, enchanting red-haired heroine is ready to accompany you in an overwhelming story of love and adventure, through fairytale settings and thrilling situations that will not disappoint fans of the shojo genre and fantasy atmospheres!“.

And what do you think of it? You are interested? Tell us in the comments! For other news from Star Comics, however, we refer you to the announcements of Lucca 2020,

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