Recompile them, not only PS5 and PC: the indie metroidvania also on Xbox Series X

During the day of Wednesday 1 July, the Sony leaders decided to highlight a series of independent productions, inaugurating the initiative PlayStation Indie.

Between the afternoon and the evening, nine titles were presented, some of which unpublished, others already known to the public, but still not confirmed for PlayStation platforms. Recompile's announcement trailer has made room for absolute news, a hack-themed adventure inspired by 3D metroidvania. Following the reveal of the title, confirmed in a first phase for PlayStation 5 and PC, confirmation has arrived that independent production will also find space on the next gen Microsoft, with publication expected on Xbox Series X.

Set in a digital world known as The Mainframe, Recompile combines elements from metroidvania with a dynamic narrative style. Inside, the player will be called to devote himself to exploration, but also to combat and hacking activities, with the aim of being able to survive. The player's alter ego will be rather peculiar: it will indeed be a sentient virus who tries to escape the fate of cancellation to give life to the former instead Artificial intelligence with self-awareness.

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As part of the PlayStation Indie initiative, Worms Rumble, the new chapter of the famous Worms franchise, has also been announced.


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