Realme X2 and X2 Pro start to update to Android 10 with Realme UI

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The Realme X2 and Realme X2 Pro arrived last year as the answer to Xiaomi in mid-price ranges. The Chinese company managed adjust value for money to a great level, offering two competitive proposals at a fairly tight PVP. Both devices came alongside Color OS, OPPO's customization layer.

At the end both terminals update to Android 10 and they do it together with a new cleaner and lighter customization layer: Realme UI. It is a global update, so any device from the company can enjoy the new software.

Android 10 from Realme UI +


As we read in XDA Developers, both the Realme X2 and the Realme X2 Pro are updating to Android 10 with Realme UI. In the case of X2 the version corresponds to the numbering RMX1992AEX11.C.05 and in the case of the pro model to RMX1931EX11.C.23. These are global updates, so any device purchased in Spain will soon start receiving the update.

Realme UI is Realme's new customization layer. It comes from the hand of a new design, much cleaner than Color OS, with new icons, menus, notification bar, etc. The ROM uses a more vivid color palette, rather than the muted shades of Color OS.

In the same way, there are improvements in important functions such as 'Do not disturb' mode, music playback, in the system's own performance, etc. Realme promises that its new ROM accelerates the launch of applications by 14%, reduces memory use by 20% and improves autonomy by 40%, figures perhaps too high, but which show that they have worked to improve the system.

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