Re: Zero seasons 2 Delayed, New Release Date And Updates

Re: Zero seasons 2 Delayed, New Release Date And Updates

Re: Zero is a favorite anime from 2016 that immediately took off as one of the anime of the season that year. There was always a doubt that we will get a second season or not. Let’s face it; even though there are lots of shows that have a story but we did not get second seasons often.

 It is not something unheard of. With Re: Zero, the fans feared the same. However, we got an OVA back in 2019, which told us that the show is going to return. So along with a new OVA, it was recently announced that Re: Zero will be getting a second season very soon.

Release of Re Zero Season 2

Re Zero Season 1 has covered all the things that were out at the time – 9 Volumes which has 3 arcs (if we include the cliffhanger ending of Vol-9). As Volume 9 of Re Zero came after season 1 ended. So the problem behind Re Zero Season 2, not being released soon after as there is no source material even if they want to greenlight Re Zero Season 2.

Another possible reason is that the production company Whitefox is a small studio and there probably will be a series of contracts already lined up for the following years. Most of the anime studios always have prior contracts for the following 2-3 years for animes to be produced. As the released date of season 2 has not been revealed just because of the pandemic situation because of the coronavirus all the work is on hold and the release date is not just reveled.

Team Behind The series

The series is directed by Masaharu Watanabe and Re zero Illustrator Shinichiro Otsuka. According to Crunchyroll, the series is said to be aired in Japan in summers. The composition of the series is done by Jukki Hanada.

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